Azmodan, the Siege Lord (Road to Rank 1) by Ironfisto

Azmodan, the Siege Lord (Road to Rank 1)

By: Ironfisto
Last Updated: Oct 21, 2015
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Road to Rank 1 Top

With this build, I can assure you a 60% win rate in your games and 150 games or less to achieve Rank 1. I had a 65% win rate, and reached Rank 1 in 120 games or so. You can check Hotslog (search for Ironfisto) to verify. It takes little skill to execute this playstyle. All you need is a good understanding of how this game work, especially the flow of the game.

Gameplay in a Nutshell Top

The key to a pushing Azmodan is momentum. You have to place 80% focus on pushing, the other 20% on objectives. In most cases your pushing power far outweighs the benefits gained compared to contesting the objective. Remember, most objective rewards are negligible compared to the XP rewards gained from pushing (think Dragonknight, a pre-level 10 DK can hardly take down a fort).

A step by step guide. Top

Master of Destruction - This is picked primarily for the bonus damage on Structures. Early game is all about who reaches level 10 first. This talent will help you take down towers for +400XP

Army of Hell - Very important talent to have early game as it cuts mana cost by half. And that means more demons and more mana reserved for Sieging Wrath. Spam on cooldown, more demons means more pushing power. They help soak damage from turrets.

Bound Minions - This talent will greatly enhance your pushing power. Cast on a melee that is soaking all the damage (see where all the arrows are flying to). The more minions you can get to stay alive, the more damage they will deal to structures.

Demonic Invasion - For obvious reason, this is chosen for its pushing potential. Many people underestimate the efficiency at which this spell clears structures. Use it correctly and you will gain a significant pushing lead during early game.

Tips on usage :
- Cast Infernal Globe followed by Demonic Invasion to clear a wave instantly, greatly reducing your pushing wave downtime stopping and hitting enemies. Most players aren't observant enough to notice an ongoing pushing. Even with 5 secs going unnoticed, it gives you a significant advantage to destroy that keep/fort in time.
- 8 demons will spawn from Demonic Invasion. At level 10, they do hit like a truck at 40dmg per sec. Collectively they do 320dmg per sec. These demons will not change their attack target when attacked by Heroes (unlike Catapults or Siege Mercs which switches targets when minions spawn).
- To help them stay alive, bait yourself, Azmodan, to be focused. Usually I will stay put and Sieging Wrath on the keep/fort. That is sufficient to attract them. You being dead is better than the Fort/Keep undestroyed. Early game, your respawn time is significantly lower on average being 20-30 secs compared to Demonic Invasion's 'respawn timer' which is 100 secs.
- The best time to solo push is when the objective is up and everyone is contesting. It is almost to your team's advantage even if you choose to let a hero stay to stop your push. 90% of the time a team is composed to play as a team for a 5man teamfight. With one person lacking, it will significantly lower the team's potential. Eg, if they put Leoric or Johanna (both strong wave clear heroes), they will lack a tank on their team. A multi-shot Valla will cause them to have a serious lack of DPS or Invoker/Jaina will lack them a strong burst dmg dealer.
- It is recommended that you push a single lane till the Keep instead of clearing all the 3 forts first. Destroying a keep grants you a Siege Minion on every wave. Destroying a Fort only gives you XP. The key is to keep the pushing pressure up. Do not slow down your momentum. This will keep them constantly occupied trying to de-push which gives you a significant advantage for your team to do the objectives.

Hellforged Armor - This talent gives two things, a Burning Rage skill (AoE fire) and make them tankier against towers/minions. Burning Rage helps to clear waves faster to build up your pushing momentum.

Battleborn - One of the reason this is taken is because of Hellforged Armor. At mid-late game, to significantly increase your pushing momentum, you can push 2 lanes at a time. Infernal globe the opposite lane to spawn a demon. Their burning rage ticks will ensure that you (ie your demons) get the last hits and so get most of the XP.

Forced Recruitment - More general of hell is always good. A welcome addition to you pushing build

Last Notes Top

This build is entirely focused on pushing talents. You may ask, could a hybrid build work. I don't feel comfortable with a stationary Sieging Wrath Azmodan. Can I take March of Sin? You can, but that means you will lose a significant pushing talent. Remember that the key is to build up the pushing momentum way ahead so that your opponents will struggle to de-push your waves.

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