Basic Diablo build, Garrosh Patch by ARCelite

Basic Diablo build, Garrosh Patch

By: ARCelite
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2017
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Build: anti mage Build

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lvl 1 talent Top

The idea of this build is to at first heal off all damage they do with your level talent choice of Devil's Due. Once you reach 100 souls every health globe you pick up is relatively close to using a health fountain which is really useful because A. you don't need to hearthen as much B. you don't need to use your health fountain. HOWEVER this bonus is lost on death at the trade that you will respawn in 5 seconds.

lvl 4 talent Top

If any mage OR support gets close enough to you you can easily flip them then charge them into your team the slow is there most mages don't have any way of disengaging and your assassins can easily pick them apart while they escape at a reduced speed.

lvl 7 talent Top

And the best part of the build is Soul shield. Once you reach 100 souls you gain 20+ spell armors so you can tank those annoying mages and then charge, flip, and kill them.

Apocalypse Top

i haven't any use for lightning breath and its not like diablo couldn't use some more stuns.
Tip: when the enemy is spread apart this isn't really effective because they can easily dodge the runes but when they are together whoever is caught out front will end up walking across someone elses rune and get blown to bits. Another good thing about this talent is that it has unlimited range meaning even if you hearthen to get more mana or health you can still activate it aiding your team from spawn.

level 13 Top

level 13 is a good situational talent if there are a lot of obstacles and walls this talent is amazing because you will complete this quest in no time.

level 16 Top

this talent, is quite possibly one of the best talents for level 16. You get to charge in, flip them BUT THEN you get to charge them back into your team also remember because you chose demonic strength not only are you slowing them down but you are also shoving them even farther away from their life line

level 20, the final talent Top

i've only chosen this talent once but when i've used it its pretty effective at healing you when you charge into their team but if you want to be risky you can take hell gate and stun lock one person

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