Blast from the past by Twinkenstein3d

Blast from the past

By: Twinkenstein3d
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2017
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Build: These sands don't sleep

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So you can obviously see that the late game talents are common talents, but what about my early game talents...Allow me to explain. I love having vision throughout the game and Timewalker's pursuit at lvl 1 affords that, plus mana regen AND dmg upon collecting 15 globes. To me it's a very solid talent. Bronze talons at level 4 is for me to keep poking, even with AA's, from a substantial range and to have solid dmg on them as well. Plus with sandblast being spammable it allows her the ability to actually trade decently well with range AA heroes. Finally Mobious loop...I know it lowers the dmg, but the reduction in CD makes it spammable for an effective cost AND on certain maps like Towers of Doom it allows her more frequent poke with still solid dmg that the enemy cannot see coming. Obviously her 10 ult talent is your discretion. Really dependent on the state of the game.

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