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I know a lot of professionals use teleporting/poly for Brightwing but I really like playing her max healing style especially if I am the only healer (which I like to be as bwing.) I broke down my thought process to why I picked the talents below!

T1: I usually always pick to increase the range of healing just so I can position myself better in the back line to protect myself from dying. The only time I wouldn't pick this is if I was playing on Hanamara. I would pick bribe so I can easily get the healing camp.

T2: I like to put pixie dust on everyone so it was easy for me to lock in this talent due to that extra umph in healing if someone is low.

T3: I always make sure I am attacking as bwing so picking a talent that reduces my soothing mist healing using my basic abilities really suits me. It just allows me to heal that much "faster."

T4: Teleport healing is my "oh **** someones pretty much dead" talent. A general combo for me is pixie dust, poly a target that is attacking the almost dead hero and then teleport to said hero while also using arcane flare to further decrease my soothing mist. Then if I have it I blink the second time and hopefully its enough to keep in the fight.

T5: I know ice block is really popular but I like to fully support my team. If someone is trying to get away I give them that extra burst of speed, along with the increased heal, and then I can blink away to them and also help me escape fights.

T6: Having the pixie dust bounce allows 2 people faster movement speed, more healing, and allows for a super fun time. I occasionally take the poly lowers armor if the game is really in our favor but not often.

T7: This one is always a hard decision for me. I love storm shield and up until recently would always pick that. But I also find that having the healing stack is more synergistic with the talents I picked previously.

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