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EggY's Healing Brightwing

By: EggY
Last Updated: Jun 17, 2015
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Build: Healer Lover

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General Overview Top

Hey guys quick overview, if you have more questions watch me live/VODS at or tweet at me .

Lvl 1: Bribe
Bribeis the best to be honest for almost all the maps. You might find Shield Dust better for Mines Map(not many giants,knights to steal/take). Rest of the abilities are pretty garbage. Scouting Drone is cool but at the same time, Bribe is better for most if not all maps.

Lvl 4: Players Choice
This is a funky level. It really depends who you are playing with and what your play style is.
If you are aggressive, Envenom pretty good. Ideally you want to take promote when there is at-least another player on your team with Promote. If you take Envenom then you should consider building into Blink Heal at level 10 since you can Blink > Poison > Blink out is a badass move. The Protective Shield is good anytime when you dont know what to take. It is a safe way out, can be your choice if you are looking to build into either level 10 spell!

Lvl 7: Gust of Healing
Gust of Healing is the usual choice. The only time you might want to take mule is on a map like Haunted Mines. It can be very good if your team is coordinated. Soothing Mist is nice don't get me wrong, but using GoH at the right time, pretty much when there is a big team fight, you are like Malfurion at level 7

Lvl 10: Players Choice
Personally I love Blink Heal. But if you're opponent if heavy dive(2+) team Emerald Wind is the easy pick. By Dive Characters I mean: Tyrael, illidan etc. Heroes that want to be up in your teammates face.

Level 13: Sprint *new* post-patch choice
After the patch it is kind of hard to choose what is good for level 13 now. Ice Block is good and bad, good because you survive(maybe) bad because you cant do anything in that time period. Sticky Flare could become the new choice because 30% slow for 3 seconds is pretty good, now Brightwing will have a CC. So the choice is really Sprint or Sticky Flare. Depends what kind of style you have. Personally I love Sprint makes you harder to catch and can make up for a "bad position" on your part.

Lvl 16: Critterize
Critterize seems to be best choice right now. I do see good merit in Sticky Powder especially if your team is lacking slows and CC's.

Lvl 20: Players Choice

If you took Blink Heal, I have been testing Storm Shield at level 20 instead Rank 2 of Blink Heal. My reasoning behind is this: The extra heal while nice, there is a little cooldown between each blink, getting 3 blinks off can be hard in time to save everyone. If you Blink into a teammate in the fight, blast off Storm Shield, Blink out, you'll be saving more peoples HP than you would have with an extra blink.

If you chose Emerald Wind, well then Lvl 2 Emerald Wind is pretty sick. Rewind used to be at level 13 for Brightwing, but post-nerf it is at level 20 now, and obviously not as good as Storm Shield or Lvl:2 Emerald Wind

Thank for reading. if you have more question please tweet at me

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My guides are short and simple to help you learn the character in under a minute! All my supports are level 10+ and it is the only classes I play!

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