Brightwing The Mighty by Fuzz

Brightwing The Mighty

By: Fuzz
Last Updated: May 28, 2015
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Build: Lover/Fighter

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I have been playing and beasting teams with BW for a while now, since closed beta anyway, :) I have seen tons of different BWs but this is one of the strongest builds I have come up with. I am sure there are similar ones, but this one is all mine. The only thing I would do different would change bribe out for arcane precision on certain maps. Those maps would be the Tomb of the Spider Queen, Garden Terror, and possibly Haunted Mines. The reason being is the whole point of those maps is to collect gems/seeds/skulls for lane pushing minions. around level 10 with Arcane Precision BW can really start clearing hard on her own, giving you the ability to collect without support, giving allies the ability to go do other things. No one suspects the lonely BW getting things on her own. I would also like to point out that BW can really hold her own 2 v 1. With BW being so slow and supportish people underestimate her ability to stay alive and deal damage. Many times I will hold lanes on my own with 2 enemy heroes trying very hard to get an advantage. Good luck all you BW fans. May the odds be ever....wait wrong situation =p

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