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Build: Bruiser

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Build: Tanking

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Ability info Top

Trait: Shield Overload
This is your passive trait, it will trigger upon taking damage at or below 50% health and grant you a moderately strong shield to protect you from damage. Using Basic Attacks reduces the CD (Cool down) of the shield so it can be made to activate often, however without that the CD is 20 seconds and each time you use a basic attack (or hit with your W) the CD will be reduced by 4 seconds.

Q: Blade Dash
Blade Dash is one of the signature moves of Artanis. The concept is simple: you dash forward a good distance, dealing reasonably light damage to everything you hit on the way out, you pause for a brief moment and then dash back to where you were, dealing heavier damage to everything you hit on the way back.

When using this ability, it needs to be understood that you are NOT Unstoppable during Dash and the other team can use their CC (crowd control) on you to stun or knock you back or whatever, so it is very important that you understand that this move is somewhat situational. You really only want to use it for:
-Finishing a running hero
-1v1 situations
-Light Poke early in the game
-Defensively to avoid incoming abilities
-Minion/NPC clearing

Ultimately, you need to be very careful in how you use Blade Dash, as being too aggressive with it will get you killed.

W: Twin Blades
Your W, Twin Blades, is your bread and butter, THE move that makes Artanis so incredibly dangerous late game, and the main source of your damage output at any stage really.

E: Phase Prism
Your E, Phase Prism, is probably your hardest ability to use. On paper it might seem like an opening engagement item, but this is not necessarily true as it really doesn't do you any good to prism the enemy tank!

In practice, it becomes rather obvious that the Prism is for making plays, i.e. grabbing an enemy dps that's on the run back into range; or pulling a cocky enemy to your turrets/forts early for a quick kill, things of that nature. Instead of an engagement item, you want try and secure kills with it.

there are a few things that you need to note about its use:
-If you're rooted by the other team, then the prism will pull the enemy to you, while you stay still
-If the enemy is rooted then the Prism will pull you to them while they stay still
-If you're boxed in by abilities such as Leoric's Entomb or Nazeebo minions then you can use the Prism to get out if you can hit an enemy team member.

Much like Blade Dash, you need to watch how you use Prism as it can get you killed.

R: Suppression Pulse
Your first option for R is Suppression Pulse. Now, on paper this seems like a great opening move, global use AoE Blind that deals a little damage too, sounds great right?

not really!

In practice, Suppression Pulse is exceptionally situational because Blinds only effect enemy basic attacks. This means that they can still use their abilities and hit you with full force, and in the case of many characters in the game, they have enough abilities that they can use them and then go back to basic attacks at the end of the Blind effect without skipping a beat.

R: Purifier Beam
Your second option for your Heroic move is Purifier Beam. This is another global use ability that you target onto a single enemy hero; it will track said hero for 8 seconds and deal heavy damage as long as they're being hit by it (or in close proximity to the impact area, and that includes other heroes as well).

This is very easily the Heroic move of choice to take, it can be used very easily and its main advantage isn't that it can kill or anything like that, but more that it forces squishy assassins and specialists to choose between fighting and dying. For example: using them on a Sgt Hammer in siege mode forces them to either eat the damage (and probably die) or come out and run, same for a Raynor, or a Zagara, the list goes on and it includes making the enemy healer potentially burn heals on themselves.

It should be noted that once fired, you cannot retarget it, and if the target dies then the beam will stop tracking and finish its duration in the spot it stopped. Also, try not to waste it on a tank.

Info of the talent picks Top

As Artanis you are a pretty good tank/bruiser in the lane that's how the build is at least.

level 1:
This is my standard choice of skill to take at level one.
I chose a tank skill for the Level 1 skill after saying not to go tank, Artanis is not that strong in the early game, he has no gap closer and escape ability to get out of bad situations.

Seasoned Marksman is my conditional second choice for Artanis. Taking this option will make Artanis even more fragile in the early game, however the trade-off is that his late game is significantly more vicious as Seasonal Marksman gives you permanent +damage to your basic attacks.

level 4:
: Mostly if you look through the talent picks you will understand why because you are mainly being in the frontline and how more Blade Dashes you do how better

level 7:

Every Time you use your Blade Dash Psionic Synergy will give you a reduced cooldown on your trait Shield Overload and that's a thing we like to have in this kind of build :D

level 10:

This talent pick is pretty situational because i use them both while i play with Artanis.

Mostly used vs a Auto attack Assassin's that leave them blinded.
That can save your team sometimes.

This is mostly if you see that the Enemy team has a Weaker backline or on the support to get your team into an advantage.

Level 13:

Increases your Twin Blades up to 3 times instead of the normal 2 times.

level 16:

While [[twin blades] is active you gain a gap closer and that's pretty good to have.

is also a pretty nice pick if your team dont need that charge.

level 20:

your Basic attacks like twin blades do 20% more damage and you're slowing them for 20% and that's pretty nice.

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