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Ca Caw!

By: Cthom
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2014
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This build is mainly for group queue. Having bribe as Falstad in a group is crucial, seeing as you can go to any camp on the map with Flight.

While obtaining bribe stacks, it's imperative to know how to maintain your lane. Whether it being by yourself, or with other team members. Awareness is key. By choosing Gathering Power you need to know when and how to support your team in team fights, and soloing by yourself.

BOOMerang is when your damage really starts to climb, if you get all three hits on a target( First hit going through, second by pressing Q again, and the third coming back) plus using Thunderstorm, you are maximizing your damage output towards the enemy champion.

Shock and Awe is Awesome!(Pun intended). If used along with other champions stuns, or CC. It's a game changer. The damage output is substantial. However, synergize with your team before use. Wombo comboing is the best way to use it.

Rewind and Overdrive are imperative, not only do they both add more damage output, but rewind also grants you another opportunity to escape. Playing Falstad with this build will require you to know your surroundings and have quick reaction time.

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