Cassia Build Guide to Carrying [CASSIA REWORK BUFFs] by LPhure

Cassia Build Guide to Carrying [CASSIA REWORK BUFFs]

By: LPhure
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2020
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Threats to Cassia with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Chromie Glass cannon Chromie. Just walk up on her
  No Threat
Valla Cass has better damage. Impale is useful for catching Valla after Vault
Sgt. Hammer Poke Hammer with Q's. Blind her in fights. Cass can match her split pushing but you have to get really aggressive to stop her push so try to do it safely. She will blast you away almost immediately if you go in on her.
Tracer Keep trading damage with Tracer and she'll lose. Cass has better damage, sustain, and defense in Avoidance. Don't need BL to kill and Fend only rarely do you need as a finisher after her Recall + Blink. Land Qs
Fenix Main focus is to constantly poke Fenix and do not let his shield regenerate. Salvo is weak to Avoidance. Keep running in his direction when he Warps to land Fend. Dive him during either of his R or if he stands too far from team.
Illidan All his damage is tied to his AA so maintaining Avoidance is important. Save your blind to blind this blind dude when he starts to party. You will deny him both damage and self-sustain. You can cast Blind early while getting Hunted to have it land on him when the stun connects
Samuro Focus on keeping Avoidance so he doesn't get free damage off of his clone combo. You can blind all 3 copies of him and hit SoL for ez damage. Tricky to poke him out of Wind Walk. Never use BL while he can drop clones or while clones are present.
Sonya If you survive her Leap engage, which you should, throw the Ball and let it go to work. If she doesn't have leap........KEKW. Poke her while she's spinning on the wave and deny her free healing.
Greymane Always save Blinding Light for when Grey jumps in. Don't stand behind Cocktail targets and out-poke him. Drop the Ball if he jumps you, just remember Eyes in the Dark screws up the Ball.
Raynor New Avoidance now mitigates Pepper PogU. Ray Q is pretty good at stopping Fend. Poke him down and he'll be become unwilling to play aggressive when his sustain (E) is on CD.
D.Va Boosters(Q) will be used to cancel Fend fairly frequently. The best thing she has against Cassia is her AOE debuff(W) which can nullify both Fend and BL damage.
Artanis Hard to win 1v1 late game. Damage is just not quite high enough to overcome his shield without an active Ball Lightning
Orphea Closing the distance is key to winning against Orphea. If she starts to Waltz around you'll be in trouble. Keep her within your AA range and burst her down quick before she can heal off of her passive. If you keep moving, you can't cleanly be hit by her ult.
Abathur Abby hat makes everyone much harder to kill. He gives the enemy team a slight advantage to any even fight like 2v2s. Mines make travelling around the map difficult and dangerous for Cassia to get caught
Garrosh Easy to poke. Easy to get tossed and taunted. Titan's Revenge.
Mal'Ganis MG is op because of his trait sustain and armour giving talents. He gets less healing off Cassia bc Avoidance and Titan's Revenge will piece all of his armour. It's hard to not drop BL before his bats but it might be necessary to force.
Li-Ming Close the gap on Mings before your hp gets too low, otherwise you're screwed. 1v1 you're stronger (burst cassia) post 7, unless you get poked down by her which is what she is always trying to do.
Chen Barrel is really good against Cassia to get her out of position and once that happens you'll be looking to cut your losses. Hard to peel away from a Chen with his constant Qs. His self-shielding and Evasion (7) is a nice defense against all of Cassia's damage
Deathwing You will never get Martial Law's 3% proc.Drop the Ball on him if he commits. If you can stay alive you will get infinite Ball Lightning Value because he can not get away. While diving, watch out for his Fear and Stun.
Auriel Blind (13) and her knockback(E) are decent soft counters to Cassia. Aegis(10) straight up kills BL. Shield(20) delays the death of her teammates, forcing you to produce another round of damage to finish them off, maybe save Ball Lightning for that?
Kel'Thuzad Don't get hit by Chains and you're fine. Attack while it's on CD
  No Threat
  No Threat
Diablo Never go first against Diablo. Don't Fend or try for your combo until he burns hits Charge and Overpower. At 16 he'll have access to a second Charge or Overpower and it'll be very hard to combo anyone on his team. He can peel you so easily too. His damage alone won't kill you.
Blaze Meltdown(4) and Suppressive Flame (13) are very strong against Cassia. Juggernaut Plating (16) keeps him alive through your damage. Bunker fucks up Ball Lightning if enemies get in. His Charge (E) stun + Combustion(10) damage and slow combo is a strong engage on Cass. Hit Rockstopper beforehand if you can.
E.T.C. Hard to commit against an ETC. He can keep you away with his E and trap you with his Q. You don't have any way to stop Mosh Pit unless you take Valkyrie and if you take Valkyrie well then you better have someone on your team to hyper carry a Cassia that took Valkyrie.
Arthas Arthas is a good wall between you and your target. AOE slow and attack speed debuff(E) that can root after 16 keeps you at a distance. His W root can catch you out of position. He's also got good sustain (10) and defensive options (Armour at 7 and Spell Immune at 20).
Johanna You can't run past a Joh to get at the backline unless she lets you. Blessed Shield is really strong at stopping Cass. Back up and put pressure on her when she tries to run up with W
Kael'thas It's a war of attrition when it comes to trading damage with KT. War Matron can save you from some of his burst. Just don't Fend in right away because he will immediately hit you with an ez Gravity Lapse.
Hanzo Hanzo's reach makes him hard to kill. Good poke damage with his Q build. Expect his big arrow to stop your dive. If you can make a beeline straight to him, he's easy to kill. You can also abuse the Fend glitch to chase him around terrain if he jumps over something
Whitemane Big burst healing capabilities and 40% armour Aegis(10) is hard to overcome with Cassia's damage. Inquisition (W) + Subjugation(13) is a nice counter to a Cassia Fend/Dive combo
Lt. Morales You can't beat medic heals. Grenade is a nice interrupt to Fend. Medic's close proximity to her healing target will split the damage of BL. Focus medic, poke her with Q, and combo her dead because you will never be able to kill anyone else on the enemy team until she dies.
  No Threat
Medivh He can deny kills really easily and port allies out of danger. Good poke. Both ults are strong at stopping Cass. Don't hard commit to kills with Medivh around and sit back a little more.
Brightwing Polymorph(W), Pixie Dust(E), and Wind(10) are strong against and easily stop Cassia's combo. Can't hard commit against a BW.
Jaina J has great burst and her slow will get you killed. You must sidestep Ring(10) and Blizzards(W) to live. Water Elemental(10) is also annoyingly effective and must be killed quickly. Ice Block(Trait) is a strong counter to BL and Fend. You're gonna be relying on Q to poke Jaina down and finish her off so I hope you're accurate.
Deckard Everything Cain has counters Cassia. Pots, Ruby(4), a ranged slow, AOE root, big AOE sleep and a stun(16) are all very strong against Cassia. Walking on a Super Potion(13) completely ends your damage endeavors, and Bottomless Flasks makes everyone nearly unkillable for Cassia when used properly. Take advantage of his lengthy CDs and commit after he Books(10)
Imperius Better 1v1 self healing (E) and shield (10). Slow (W) and Stun (E) combo is strong cc against Cassia. Imperius can take a lot of abuse late and it'll be difficult to get damage on him without always being inside of his range. He's a damage monster with Burn the Impure(1) + Brand of the Solarion (20).


Build: scroll down

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20

New Cassia (Work in Progress) Top

*Talent builder is bugged so the build is down here...:uthermeh:
**Everything in RED are new changes to the guide


Health increased from 1510 to 1700.
Health regeneration increased from 3.15 to 3.54 per second.
A more hearty Cassia can't be bursted easily and can sustain more poke damage
Damage from 122 to 130.
Attacks per second from 1 to 1.11.
Buff to the AA build. Faster attack speed isn't really noticeable but nice anyways.

Avoidance [Trait]
Now works while Mounted.
Adjusted functionality: After remaining stationary for .75 seconds the Armor is rapidly lost over .5 seconds.
You can now auto-attack, cancel the attack animation, move, and attack again without losing Avoidance. It's so much better now.

Lightning Fury [Q]
Damage from 150 to 165.
Mana cost from 25 to 20.
Stronger and cheaper poke buffs. Makes a poke build look good.

Level 1
Thunderstroke [Q]
No longer grants Avoidance Armor.
Quest damage per Hero hit from 1 to 1.5.
You don't need this to give Avoidance anymore because it's so much easier to maintain it. The damage boost is huge when you have 4 bolts at 16 Static Electricity. Makes a poke build look really good.

Level 7
Debilitating Thrusts [E]
Name changed to Grounding Rod.
New functionality: Enemies hit by Lightning Fury or Fend are Slowed by 20% for 2 seconds.
A buffed version of the old Grounding Bolt which now is accessible at 7. Gives a hero with no cc, some cc. Is this better than Seraph's Hymn for the AA build? yep for reasons listed next

Level 16
Martial Law [Passive]
Adjusted functionality: Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes deal 1% maximum Health as damage. This is increased to 3% maximum Health against Heroes who are Stunned, Rooted, or Slowed.
Big buff to the AA build. Insane late game damage. Pretty much have to take the new Grounding Rod to proc the 3%

Developer Comment: Cassia came out lower than we anticipated, largely due to us going too far with her base kit nerfs that were intended to compensate for the power she gained in talents. We’re making some changes to increase her power level and to make her more accessible, which should make her a lot more formidable.

In summary, Cassia's Q and AA damage are stupidly over-tuned by the devs to make up for her lackluster release. With this patch schedule, we've got more or less than a month to play this Cassia build before it's tuned down, so get it while it's good!

Rework tips/changes:
- Huge Ring of the Leech nerf!! 10% less healing and doesn't heal off Ball Lightning or Surge of Light!

Ring of the Leech was hit the hardest by the latest rework and is so bad now compared to the new Inner Light. Ring used to give 25% healing off ALL of Cassia's damage to blinded targets including BL and SoL. Now it's been nerfed by 10% to 15% and only applies to AAs, and Q or E if the enemy is blinded. The healing was already locked behind damage to blinded enemies, but now you're gonna get LESS of it from FEWER sources.
If Ring is going to have the restriction of which sources can generate healing, then the healing received needs to be much much much higher than 15% of the damage dealt.

- Cassia is still a late game hero. Useful at 10, stronger at 13, power spike at 16
- Am I crazy or is it harder to hit with Lightning Fury? Feels more precise now...

Temporary Builds

Build #1 Hyper Carry: 1,3,3,1,1,2,4

Basic Combo
Lightning Fury > Ball Lightning > Blinding Light > Surge of Light > Fend > Lightning Fury

Go toe-to-toe with any assassin, Big 1v5 potential; Super aggressive playstyle

- Alternative 1: Impale is not only a very strong finisher to combo with cc, but also a great gap closer for those slippery heroes. Yes! Cassia can now catch more heroes she couldn't before! Teleport Shadow Waltz Vault

- Thunderstroke is so strong against mages and squishies right now

- ALWAYS FULL CHANNEL FEND FOR War Matron. Being Protected during and 1 second after is extremely necessary to stay alive in the middle of a team fight.
- Inner Light How can you say no to a 25% heal
- Static Electricity lightning bolts will proc Inner Light CDR
- Rockstopper for diving or when getting focused.

- Sustain Combo: Inner Light > Lightning Fury > Fend > Inner Light (Aim for max Lightning bolt procs with Fend for max CDR) and keep an eye on it mid-fight

- Static Electricity Become a spear throwing machine with 4 charges. After 16, just focus on poking the backline
- Static Electricity helps a lot with taking camps. Pretty easy to solo now with Blind + SoL + a million Qs

The goal of this build is to target and kill backline assassins. Poke them down with Lightning Fury and once they're low, burst them with a combination of Ball Lightning, Fend, and Surge of Light. The new changes to Inner Light can keep Cassia healthy and Avoidance allows her to get into the backline without sustaining too much damage. The problem this build has is overcoming additional enemy healing on the target, or if the target has some form of self-healing or shielding (This is reflected in the Threats section above). You have to commit to get kills but if your damage is not enough because of enemy healing, sustain, or shielding then you'll end up feeding a bunch of deaths.

Hyper Carry 1v1 God

Build #2 Basic Attacks: 3,3,1,1,3,3,3

Destroy Tanks and Bruisers; sit-back and get your damage playstyle

- Martial Law's 3% increase it not further increased by 20% from Blinding Light nor does the increase to 3% affect any healing from Ring of the Leech
- Super strong late game at 16 and 20. Her AA damage shreds Tanks and Bruisers
- Inner Light is much better than Ring of the Leech. The 25% heal is so good it transcends any specific build synergy.

This build capitalizes on having a strong basic attack, which is good, but in order to get damage you need to continue attacking over a period of time. Because your damage comes from attacking over a period of time, you need to be alive and within range to continue doing that damage. By not having any mobility, don't be surprised if you get jumped aggressively while trying to get your AA damage by heroes like Imperius E.T.C. Orphea Li-Ming

Introduction Top

Old Fast Travel and Guide Changes

Cassia - Amazon Warmatron

Cassia Hero Spotlight
-Cassia has no natural mobility or cc. A simple slow can lead to Cassia getting caught, which is why positioning is the key to success for playing Cass. ^In ranked, people understand this fact and will exploit it heavily

- Cassia is mana efficient. If you find yourself constantly thirsty for mana, you're probably using Blinding Light too much.

- Blinding Light + Fend is Cassia's bread and butter burst combo used for securing kills

- Cassia fits as a late-game hero capable of big burst damage, or helpful AA damage. She does an adequate job at countering all-in AA heroes like Illidan or The Butcher with her ability to drop blinds.


HotS Guide to Stutter Stepping
- You absolutely need to be profcient in stutter-stepping until it's as natural as breathing! If you aren't stutter-stepping during fights you'll be destroyed by AA attackers
- Avoidance makes Cassia "deceptively tanky". 65% 40% 30% mitigation against basic attacks means Cassia can withstand some poke damage.

Lightning Fury

- Lightning Fury splits perpendicularly which can allow you to hit targets that would otherwise be impossible to hit (much like Gilnean Cocktail). Learn its trajectory and practice throwing it at minions, and structures to reach targets behind them.
- Lightning Fury comes out slow relative to other skill shots, Snipe for example. Get comfortable with its speed and trajectory

Blinding Light

- 15s cooldown; Be selective and conservative in it's use
- Can be used to deny damage from heroes whose damage comes from auto attacking The Butcher Imperius
- Can reveal stealth, proc Spell Shield, and stop regenerative abilities Shield Capacitor


- Be patient and wait until your opponent burns their mobility before going in (ex: Teleport, Vault, Run and Gun)
- Very strong when paired with allied hard cc to keep the target in the Fend area

Ball Lightning

- Always take if the team needs increased damage output
- Look to maximize its damage. Don't throw it if a second bounce isn't guaranteed.
- I recommend throwing it early once a team fight is initiated or if you're dived on.
- Keep an eye on it and dance within its bounce range to keep it up or transfer it between enemies.
- The Ball prioritizes enemies over Cassia
- ^Ball Lighting will **** its pants when interacting with heroes who can stealth themselves Samuro, Valeera, Greymane's Eyes in the Dark or against those who can be put into an untargetable state ( Ice Block, Void Prison, Bunker Drop). IT WILL JUST DISAPPEAR!


- Great for pulling backline heroes
- Synergizes very well with cc abilities such as Entangling Roots
- Preps enemies to be hit by Blinding Light + Fend
- The way enemies grabbed by Valkyrie collide with terrain and fall out of the Valkyrie's grab is so ridiculous that I can never recommend taking this heroic except for very specific circumstances and 4 fun

Old Builds1 Top

Spoiler: Click to view

Old Builds2 Top

Spoiler: Click to view

Old builds3 Top

Spoiler: Click to view

True Sight/Burst Build Top

As of Patch 27.5, True Sight has been removed from Cassia's talent list.

Click for immediate nostalgia

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