chasin balls gazlowey guide by cally

chasin balls gazlowey guide

By: cally
Last Updated: Aug 4, 2015
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Build: insane clown posse build

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about me Top

hey fam.
Im the only insane clown posse fan who has reached rank 1 on league of heroes. This is my boy gazlowey guide to be a total menace on the field, inside, outside and in the bedroom.
I have over 800 games played on my boy gazlowey and never thinkin bout stopping.
With this genius talent build you will be unstoppable and probably become as good and edgy as myself.

Anyone wanna check out my stats (Cally#1720)

*this build only works in hero league*

:^) *rank 1 solo gazlowey game finished in 6 minutes*

build path Top

SCRAP-O-MATIC SMELTER- First trait because of those dank mana returns. Helps you survive your menace behaviour
PROMOTE- Get the mu'****er minions pushing with your roid talent.
FIRST AID- ***** *** niggah cant get pushed outta lane
ROBO-GOBLIN- *only ulti to get* Why not get the other one you say? Who the fk wants to help the team out when you can be pushing up their mu'fkn base and being a menace of society. You are a solo squad wolf.
BURNING RAGE- Ya boys dropping some cholula hot sauce from his mouth where ever he runs. You're a mu'fkn gun.
MECHA-LORD- Ya boy is taking some brass knuckles to a bare knuckle flight versin Kimbo Slice. Get those uppercuts going on ANY niggah in your way and win that mu'fkn game for the raymor you are carrying.



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