Dr. Gazlowe | The Underrated Legend | Kill Your Masters by DrYou

Dr. Gazlowe | The Underrated Legend | Kill Your Masters

By: DrYou
Last Updated: Jun 9, 2018
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Threats to Gazlowe with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
The Butcher His charge is easily counted by your bomb, if you see him charge plant the bomb at your feet, do the same for a teammate getting charged. The constant slow from turrets is also ruff for him, he needs to stay on top of targets, so being perma slowed in team fights isn't fun for him.
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Sgt. Hammer She doesn't pose a direct threats to you, but I feel she's a good counter. She doesn't need to sit in your turret range to fight you or push. This allows her to avoid your presence in lane quite a bit. Also a good counter for team fights since she will likely be on the outside shooting in.
Zeratul High damage and great escape make him a hard matchup. Add that to the fact Gaz doesn't have a good option for hitting stealth, bomb has a large delay and static location, laser is decent, has a delay as well. He can just blink out of turret range if he gets low.
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Introduction Top

My names DrYou,

I love to play characters that "meta sheep" think are bad and prove they just don't understand the game as much as they think. So I started with Gazlowe and really like him. Now I have my Gazlowe legendary skin (to show I mean business) and never see people play like me, so I decided I'd make my guide. I'm a long time MOBA player. I don't have some high rank in Heroes because the League is broken(lvl 20's paired with 50's...). It's not worth dealing with the sheep's in every match that troll you for playing anything but what Reddit says is okay.

Some people think Gazlowe is map specific. The maps people say he doesn't do well on have neutral bosses. With my build you can solo any boss comfortably, and bosses rek. The only map I don't really like Gaz on is Spider Queen.


Matchups/Strategy Top

One to One match-ups are hard to pin down. Your not an assassin trying to get kills, late game you have good escape, so you choose the fights most the time. If any charters stand out I'll add them to the "Threats" section.

You are not an assassin. For the most part you get kills because people get thirsty and forget your turrets do real damage. In team fights people won't focus your turrets, why would they? They probably don't even know they are being attacked by them most the time. This provides you with consistent damage and slows.

I see most people notice and or respect the damage the turrets are doing to their face right around 25% health remaining. They start to walk out of turret range knowing they will die from the auto attacks if they stay. Once you have Engine Gunk this becomes a painfully slow walk for them and can score some kills. Right before they hit that point of retreat start charging up your laser. They will start slowly walking out of range, or die from your turrets. The slow usually gives you enough time to get a max laser charged up or else really close.

If someone wants to go toe to toe and not run, you need to make some choices. Your turrets will be hitting them, if its late game you have surprising sustain with Regeneration Masterand Hardened Shield. Use your bomb as an obstacle, use it wisely. If your trying to escape, cast the bomb in front of you so your running through it when the timer is up. If you decide you can stay and fight, cast the bomb behind them to cut off escape. If it's a melee champ on top of you, cast it at your feet as a forced stun. If they back up for a second to avoid the bomb your turrets are still hitting them. Your fights are about sustain and positioning.

Quick Tip:
When laning, place turrets on top of other minions so they blend in and are harder to target.

Talents Top

Regeneration Master

This fight will keep you in the fight longer and make clearing camps and soloing bosses easier. You become surprisingly tough with the help of this skill. Extra TNT would be another option, but your bomb is too easy to avoid, the main use can be to separate groups or help your team flee fights. Even though it doesn't do much damage, it stuns so people don't want to be hit by it. Demolitionist is just unneeded, the extra damage is minimal, and you can face tank a towers at lvl 10 so who cares if they have ammo.

Mercenary Lord

You'll be tanking camps, and bosses, 50% damage reduction, and 50% more dmg for minions around you for pushing lanes, win.

Engine Gunk

I see allot of builds choosing other talents at lvl 7, I think anything else other than Gunk is a mistake. It's your only slow, your escape. It's consistent and persistent. It will dismount chasers, and is one of your most helpful abilities in team fights.


I don't believe in Grav-O-Bomb. Robo just wrecks structures, it creates a consistent hard push, no cool downs. It also rips through camps and bosses. If you choose player damage at lvl 20 you hit really hard too.


Very useful escape on Gaz. You may often be in positions where your exposed, this plus Gunk will get you out of most tight spots. I never use this offensively.

Long-Ranged Turrets

Your turrets already slow, now they will have extra range. This talent also help with soloing bosses. Before getting this it's really easy to get your turrets broken every time a boss slams.

Hardened Shield

This is flexible. I usually take Hardened Shield for Hero League, and maybe Mecha-Lord for Quick Match.

Videos Top

Hero League | Solo Queue | Cursed Hollow
Hero League | Solo Queue | Dragon Shire

Hero League | Solo Queue | Sky Temple

Updates Top

Update 06.09.18
Updated skills. War Never Changes

Update 1.23.17
Updated skills. War Never Changes

Update 8.28.15
Added "Matchups/Strategy" section. Began working on "Threats".

Update | 8.18.15
Updated for Kharazim patch

Update | 8.15.15
Video Added for Cursed Hollow. Updated Title

Update | 7.17.15
Video Added for Dragon Shire

Update | 7.11.15
Video Added for Sky Temple

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