Solo Bosses and pushing Hard || Butcher Updated by Obnox

Solo Bosses and pushing Hard || Butcher Updated

By: Obnox
Last Updated: Jul 1, 2015
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Build: Boss and Structures Build

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Frist of all I want to introduce myself. My name is Obnox and I live in Germany, so it is possible that my English is not that perfect. I have played several games on high ranks before, most likely under the name "Obnox" or a name with the ending "-nox" like "Prednox" or "Deathnox". I played for a long time World of Warcraft and I was raiding with the guild "Affenjungs INC" and have also participated "Melk Trupp" one of the best PvP guild in EU. In League of Legends I am curretnly Diamond 4, but since I focused on Heroes of the Storm I almost never play it anymore. I am playing Heroes of the Storm since the technical alpha and I am currently on Rank 1.

I want to introduce you the Jungle build of Gazlowe, with it you can easily solo bosses and even destroy structures within seconds.


Can solo any ****ing camp (including Bosses of course)
While jungling he take very little damage
With his turrents you have a good map control
You cut down the towers and forts like trees


Almost no escpe possibility
Die very quickly when caught
Sometimes mana problems

Basic Abilities

Rock-It! Turret
These awesome turrents can be used for almost everything, for poking, ganging, salvaging, vision, pushing towers/forts and everything else you want to ;) Dont forget to destroy your towers when you dont need them or after clearing a camp.

Deth Lazor
This is basically only a ganking abilit because it needs long to activate. When you do camps use this as an opener atack after you placed a bomb.

Xplodium Charge
With Extra TNT Gazlowe clear minion waves with 2 Xplodium Charges at lvl 1. You can push lanes very fast and the CC2is for team fights a big advantage.

Heroic Abilities

Grav-O-Bomb 3000
Just place a bomb and then do your ulti, with that stuncombo you get a huge advatege in team fights.

For our build this talent is necessary. With it you can already solo every camps and even some bosses solo.


Tier 1
Extra TNT should be your choice here. You can clear faster the camps and aswell minion waves.

Demolitionist is good for solo pushing but once a tower has low or no ammo this talent lose almost his whole power.

Tier 2
Superiority Its a must-have for soloing bosses.

Tier 3
First Aid Is also a must-have to provide you survivability when you solo camps.

Tier 4 / Ultimate
When we reach Level 10 we are finally able to solo bosses. I will explain the strategy below.

Tier 5
Turrent Storage This talent got nerfed from 4 to 3 turrents but it is still a good talent. With 3 turrents you can solo camps faster and the damage of this extra turrent is still betetr than Bruning Rage

But you can also consider choosing Bruning Rage

Tier 6
Kwik Release Charge A must-have talent. Works perfectly with Extra TNT and provide more damage and stuns.

Tier 7
Fury of the Storm We take this Talent because with it we can clear camps and minions waves as fast as none hero before.

-- I will add a video and further details later --

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