Dawnbringer's Butcher by Dawnbringer

Dawnbringer's Butcher

By: Dawnbringer
Last Updated: Nov 22, 2015
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The Butcher

Build: Dawnbringer's Butcher Build

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1. talent: Victuals gives you a big advantage , especially for late game, and if there is no healer. Keep grinding the minions.

2. talent: Flail Axe is very good for catching fleeing targets, or interrupt someone (ex. on Cursed Hollow)

3. talent: Abattoir is very important, because you need much fresh meat as you can, and this talent increase max stack to 35

4. talent: For the ultimate, pick Furnace Blast . Pick a target in Furnace Blast range, then activate, then rapidly use your Ruthless Onslaught on the picked target, then spam him with your Hamstring.

5. talent: Spell Shield is optional , but I suggest to choose this. Since you're NOT tank, and don't have too much HP , this can be save your life sometimes. Alternative: Savage Charge

6. talent: Blood Frenzy is the MOST important talent in this build. This gives You insane attack speed, and since You can collect 35 fresh meat, it means more and more attack speed, keep grinding minions!

7. talent: For this last , pick Nexus Blades , bacause You're on basic-attack build, and more damage is never bad, plus slow is awesome.

With this build , You CAN get 600+ basic attack damage with INSANE attack speed. Just keep in mind, You're NOT A TANK, you CAN die EASILY. The best uber-combo is Lt. Morales and Rehgar with you, with Stim Drone and Bloodlust You should be really unstoppable. And maybe, keep a tank in a front of you, like Leoric.

This build can be good for any map, or any team, but You're in big trouble if there is no tank and/or healer. Be careful.

Maybe, someone else use exactly this build, but I made this myself and dont copyed from anyone.

Good luck, have fun.

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