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Last Updated: Jul 2, 2015
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Threats to Nazeebo with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Li Li No threat at all, isolate if possible, pour on the damage, and make her a sad panda.
Malfurion The druid isn't a threat, when his friends aren't around to do his fighting for him.
Murky Killing this gurgley little annoyance is kinda like Easter, you have to hunt for his eggs.
E.T.C. Deal with very quickly or who knows what you might catch from him.
Brightwing CAUTION!!!!
Azmodan This creepy crawly minion master is a siege machine, attack with a group.
Johanna This girl just wants to get close to someone, but she's not my type.
Muradin Attempt to fight this guy with your team present, he's a 10 ton boulder.
Diablo He will floss his butt with your soul if you are unprepared and out numbered.
Illidan Attack only if he is low on health, this is a dangerous stealth elf.
Anub'arak He's a roach infestation, stuns, tunneling, and shields make him tough to exterminate.
Nova Stay away, FAR away.



Early game minion kills are essential to this build, put simply, this build is best at short gorilla, hit and run burst attacks, minion back up or a hero or 2 is the best idea.
Early game, try to start an attack with your spider jar, followed by frogs and the the zombie ring.
While attacking cast all ability's on a single target (a hero preferably), while in the early minutes of the match, try and get as many minion deaths while under your basic attacks effect to boost your health and mana permanently, this will help out a lot in the late game.
Try to stick close to the bushes and wait for a group of minions or a lone hero to come by and then begin your attack, but don't try and stand toe to toe with a hero unless you have a level advantage of 1 or 2.



Late game, try to stick close to a healer or a melee warrior and a group of minions and travel as a pack, push your lane and pick up merc's on the way, at level 18 and above you can capture a merc camp alone, and a boss camp with one or 2 other heroes very quickly, and when facing a group of minions try to hit each one before your zombie ring takes it out to gain more health and mana quickly.
Late game, try to trap a hero in your zombie ring and cast your giant in there with them, followed by the spider jar, and then frogs.



Attacking a gate and towers/stronghold/core, is best handled as a group of heroes with a few minions if possible, early game this is best left to other heroes better suited to the task, but with numbers on your side, an early game gate crash is possible with a little help.
Again very specific placement of your zombie ring, place it right in the center of the gate in-which you intend to take down, this does 2 things, it blocks the path of heroes and minions, and does damage, and then if you back up a bit you should be at the right distance to cast your frogs so the spread hits both towers, if its a stronghold or the core try to place yourself where all your frogs will hit it.
Spider jars are a good ranged opener to put damage on a structure if you don't have any minions to take the damage for you as the spiders can not be targeted, and in the late game you can put a lot of them out between your frogs exploding into spiders and your spider jar producing and extra 3,
A zombie ring can encircle a lone tower and just like the gate, will damage it, plus it will also be targeted by said tower allowing you to continue to press your attack or to get away until back up arrives, it can also be cast inside a stronghold/core maximizing damage dealt to said structure.



While defending your towers and gate, placing your zombie ring so just the back of your ring is on your side of the gate making it blocked and protected for a short time, followed by a spread of frogs and a spider jar, only use your basic attack on minions and heroes that are to close to your structures.
When your core is under attack, rush the enemy and use everything you have,try to isolate one of the enemy heroes with your zombie ring, once your minions spawn it should get a little easier to chase off the enemy heroes, but if they made it in one time, they can do it again, so try to stay alive and assist your team with getting a hero kill or 2.
If in retreat and you are running away and trying to gain ground, cast the zombie ring behind you, this will either block their path and slow them down, or they with be caught inside the ring and allowing you to get away to a safe distance and hit a health fountain.

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