Dehaka's Evolution by Scare983

Dehaka's Evolution

By: Scare983
Last Updated: Mar 31, 2016
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The Simplistics Top

This is a simple guide. Nothing more nothing less, for I believe a lot of it is self-explanatory. If you would wish for me to expand and this get's enough attention I'd be happy to do so and maybe even make a video about it.

Dehaka is a very strong Warrior/Bruiser when used correctly. His skill shot is key to creating a positional advantage for you and your team and he truly punishes those that are out of position. With this and brushwalk, he can easily flank the opposing team and **** em'. (don't be stupid and get into engagements you can't win. He isn't extremely tanky.)

You want to hit at least >60% of this shot in order to be successful, so learn the delay!

Burrow is a life saver. It protects you from Jania's ice ****, Xul's stun ****, and basically everything else. However if used at the wrong time or on a retreat, you will get surronded and ****ed. If this happens, your only hope is brushwalking away, so be sure to have a spot to stalk to.

Early Game Top

This is my own preference, but I like to walk to my lane position when the game begins. This way you can burrow to catch an opponent off guard in the first 40 seconds in case a teammate needs you. However let's begin
Currently there are only two competitive skills to be used at level 1. Enhanced Agility and Tissue Regeneration. the two can be swapped. However the Enhanced Agility is extremely useful, not only does it make later traits become redundant, but also with this trait, you are able to chase and catch a runaway opponent, or better yet run into the enemy team and grab one of the assassins, or healer if lucky.

Early on you want to soak and poke the enemy hero once in awhile. Depending on the situation, you should either use Dark Swarm to get close to the enemy hero (if there are obstacles) and then Drag. Or vice versa. All depends on the situation.

Mid Game Top

Hero Stalker is honestly the only option to get when you reach level 4. It is the only reason Dehaka is able to survive in team fights. With each hero kill, you get 25 essence. When there is one kill in hero fights, there are often more, therefore you can easily get 50 essence, which not only evolves your Enhanced Agility, but makes you more tanky. You can be focused for days, Burrow, watch an enemy die because they were focusing on you, then click D to activate your ability and gain back all your health you lost when you reemerge from the ground. IT IS A MUST!

This one is self explantory. Dark Swarm is your only real damage, theefore having its CD reduced is major.

Level 10 Top

I wish adpatation was good. I wish it with all my heart. It would help dehaka become even more tanky But it just doesn't do the job and after extensively using Isolation since the PTR, I've grown to love it. First the enemy hit gets a cool hat. They are then cast into an abyss of darkness for a small time period. No chanting of spells, only filled with thoughts of how the enemy got into such a position. It removes an enemy for a small time period and during this time you can surround the slowed enemy or just ignore it. It is very useful.

Late Game Top

whiriling dervish is once again the only viable choice. The other two traits don't help in the slightest. Movement speed isn't that important anyways because of the Enhanced Agility we got earlier on.

Rapid Regeneration helps make us slightly tankier, it doesn't help too much, but hey. the more health regen the better. The slow on the drag shouldn't matter because of the speed boost. and etc etc..

Finnaly, if you didn't already pick Apex Predator you a stupid boi/gal. Lemme just be on Curse Hallow bottom lane, OH WAIT A TRIBUTE IS COMING. IT's ok team, you keep pushing bot. *goes to top, gets tribute, goes back to bot in less than 18 seconds*. Or you can hearth, brushwalk to anywhere, fight a lil, and repeat. IT is so versatile there are a million and one ways that this trait is useful. And it's really fun to be so mobile after being a fat slug type beast the entire game.

Thank you Top

Thanks for reading. Feedback would be very welcomed, first ever post. Like it? Love me? Don't like Trump? Eitehr way pls say somthing so I know I am worth something haha. Either way, Gl Hf, MAKE THE SWARM GREAT AGIAN!

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