Diablo BEST build Up to Date by Scissors

Diablo BEST build Up to Date

By: Scissors
Last Updated: Jun 6, 2015
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Trait Build Top

Tier 1

Devil's Due

Getting this skill first will give you the ability to quickly
respawn and get back to your team to help them re-initiate the
enemy team faster than if you choose any other skill; much more
important than the other choices.

Tier 2

Essence of the Slain

As Diablo, you'll often want to harass enemy heroes
by using your Fire Waves (W) and overpower.
Getting this trait not only gives you 10 mana per
enemy minion that dies near you, but enables you to
stay in your lanes for longer periods of time; and
soaking up all that precious XP.

Tier 3

Battle Momentum

Battle Momentum gives your team exactly what the trait says;
Momentum! The ability to use Fire waves that will later come
back to you, dealing 125% damage every 3 seconds; Overpower
every 2 seconds, and stuns for days... This is a no brainer.
Also, the other options are quite horrid; the chances of
landing a stun on a wall is quite slim and the extra 1.25-
seconds isn't that worthy.

Tier 4

Lightning Breath

Again, the chances of actually landing a stun;
especially one that has such a huge delay and
even getting the stun on the heroes that you
want to be stunning is going to be incredibly
slim. My go to is the fire breath.

Tier 5


This option works best with this build. The
reduced cooldown will allow your Fire Waves
to almost be constantly flying around the
field around you. Use this skill as often as
there are minions around you, as you will
quickly gain ~60 mana for each wave you kill.

Tier 6

Continuous Overpower

Here is where things get fun! Your overpower
charges should almost always be ready, if you
constantly run around and hit minions and
restore you cooldowns, you'll be ready to pull
enemy heroes and push them back so your team
can swarm around them.

Tier 7


So you made it. You are now level 20 and are
choosing which talent you should pick. There
is a few choices, but would't it make the most
sense to upgrade your ultimate?! That's what I
would do. But this could also be situational.
I could see someone swapping this out with
Bolt of the Storm.

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