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Last Updated: Sep 29, 2016
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Build: Mosh Tank

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ETC is a very forgiving tank even for newer players. He has high health, a dive/escape, and knockback. He really has a good kit to work with as a solid all purpose tank.

Level 1 you will choose Prog Rock this gives you a little extra healing. Obviously lane minions will drop a bunch of globes for you to pick up. However, you can pick up a bunch by being at mercenary camps and such where globes will also spawn. Dont miss out on the camps your group are doing because you need all the globes you can get. You wont be in lane forever because of objectives.

Level 4 you will want Speed Metal. This will give you and your group a move speed boost for escaping faster and chasing enemies.

Level 7 will be Echo Pedal for a minor AoE when you cast abilities. This can both help clear minions and do extra damage to enemies.

Level 13 you should go Face Smelt this will turn your knockback into a slow as well.

Level 16 you will pick up Show Stopper giving you Resistant damage reduction whenever you slide.

Level 10 & 20
Mosh Pit is the preferred choice of ultimates here. You can essentially lock down everyone if you can slide in and catch them. This allows your group to nuke them all. Your level 20 should be either Tour Bus or Death Metal. Personally I find that, as a tank, Death Metal is very helpful to have in low ranks and random queues because people like to focus tanks down. Tour Bus on the other hand gives you a chance to slide your Mosh elsewhere and would be great for a more organized setup that can focus properly.

Death Metal may also get more bang for your buck in many cases because it has two separate event triggers rather than one. The first is of course your normal Mosh Pit, and the second is any time you are killed, anywhere, it triggers your another Mosh Pit. Tour Bus will only give one chance to hit the enemy, but if you have a coordinated group that may be all you need.

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