EggY's Rehgar (updated 5/21) by EggY

EggY's Rehgar (updated 5/21)

By: EggY
Last Updated: Jun 17, 2015
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Build: FrankerZ FrankerZ -- Solo Q Build

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General Overview Top

Hey guys quick overview, if you have more questions watch me live/VODS at or tweet at me .

Lvl 1: Sprit Walker's Grace

It used to be Healing Totem but now I dont know how I feel about it. I think mana conservation is pretty big for shaman. You want to stay out as long as possible to do as much healing. And seeing as you take Feral Heart next talent, it kinda works hand in hand.

Lvl 4: Feral Heart

Really good for sustaining in lane and staying as long as you can in lane without B'ing back. The other talents are so-so and meant for DPS builds.

Lvl 7: Earth Shield

Easy choice, others are for DPS builds.

Lvl 10: Bloodlust

To be honest in pugs and even team comps, Blood lust is super useful. When people hear that lust its GO TIME. Sometimes with Ancestral Healing you will heal someone and they will pull away from the fight. In pugs 100% Bloodlust imo, if you have a more coordinated team, the healing can be very good and clutch.

Lvl 13: Healing Surge

Same as others, chain heals is your main bro, so why not buff him up a little bit?

Lvl 16: Earthgraps Totem *new post-patch update 2/10/2015*

You honestly can go for Lighting Bond its pretty good. But in pug matches and even 5's, the 1s root can be very useful. I like to take it since Im an aggressive Rehgar who likes to be in the front lines.

After the patch, its a 90% slow for 1 seconds, which is still pretty good. Lightning Bond is a little bit better choice now but I still stand by the totem slow. 90% is pretty much a stun.

Lvl 20: Storm Shield

If you took Bloodlust, I honestly have not found much use for Rank 2 Bloodlust. Yeah sure minions/big minion get lust and its a global, but I think storm shield has better use especially with Rank1 Bloodlust when people are going balls deep and may be taking more damage than usual.
If you took Ancestral Healing at 10, Rank 2 ancestral healing for Level 20 is recommended.

Tip: Ghost wolf form is amazing try to be in it as much as you can. Don't be afraid to bite the opponent(literally) You have amazing chase down abilities post big engagements fights since you dont need 3 seconds to mount up. Rehgar's melee attacks are great!

Thank for reading. if you have more question please tweet at me

If you like this guide, please check out my other guides that I have done on support.
My guides are short and simple to help you learn the character in under a minute!

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