(Team Curse) Crs Sneaky - Support Rehgar by Sneakybeavr

(Team Curse) Crs Sneaky - Support Rehgar

By: Sneakybeavr
Last Updated: Nov 22, 2014
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Curse Sneaky
Thomas "Sneakybeavr" Boccinfuso is the acting captain and main support player for Team Curse HotS. Once Heroes of the Storm was announced, he was selected to alpha test the game and has been playing it ever since. Known as a top level support player, Sneaky has made a name for himself as being a high skilled Brightwing, Uther, and Rehgar player.


Rehgar Earthfury has seen his share of combat, both as a gladiator, and a master of his own team of fighters. Now, having put that life aside, he serves as a simple shaman of the Earthen Ring, earning his redemption by healing the broken lands of Azeroth.

- Strong burst healing.
- Provides minor CC.
- Very strong jungler.
- Plays to the objectives very well.
- Strong solo laner.

- Has no major CC (stuns).
- Heroic healing only targets 1 friendly (till 20).
- Ghost Wolf has reduced movement speed compared to mounts.

This is your main source of healing. It is a on target ability that heals the main target and "bounces" to 2 additional friendlies, healing them for a reduced amount. this ability can also be used on lane minions and merc camps to help keep the push going! Just make sure you target the lowest health ally.

This is an on target ability used to place two lightning orbs on an ally that deals close range AoE damage over 5 seconds. Can be upgraded to provide a shield. This is very good for wave clearing and taking the chests on Blackheart's Bay

Create a totem that slows nearby enemies by 35%, lasts 8 seconds. This is useful from trying to slow enemies who are trying to run, or to set up ganks. Can also be combined with Lightning Shield to help wave clear against ranged enemy heroes.

This is your mount. Rehgar transform into his Ghost Wolf form and moves 30% faster. Transformation is instant and can be used while moving. Basic Attacks in Ghost Wolf form deal 100% more damage, but will cancel Ghost Wolf after. This is very useful when chasing enemy heroes while they are dismounted, just throw a lightning shield on yourself and chase them, resulting in them never being able to mount up.


YES: Healing Totem is the best choice as it adds some extra healing for your team in team fights. It will also allow you to do mercenary camps at earlier levels. The down side of this is that your team has to stay in the area, this makes placement very key! This is also a nice talent for helping to push with camps.

NO: Spiritwalker’s Grace does reduce the mana used on your heal, but at level 4 we take a talent that gives you extra mana regeneration, because of that we skip Spiritwalker’s Grace.

NO: Colossal Totem can be picked up as it works very well with your Earthgrasp Totem. I only recommend picking up Colossal Totem if your team is tacked with 2 very strong healers, or if you are going DPS Rehgar.

NO: Empowering Charge is a good talent pick if you are going DPS Rehgar. It will help increase your damage and also helps clear merc camps faster. For this guide we will be skipping this.

YES: Feral Heart is the best option in this tier. When in wolf form, you gain 100% increase health and mana regeneration. This also scales very well into late game, so you won’t have to worry about being out of mana(oom) for very long.

NO: Chain Reaction sounds nice on paper, but most of the time you will have to heal other allies who do not have Lightning Shield on.

NO: Focused Attack is a decent talent if you are going DPS Rehgar as it causes your next basic auto attack to deal an extra 50% damage (on a 10 second cool down).

NO: Reactive Spark does not really have any use currently. It takes roughly 40 seconds to put a shield on your whole team, by then you may already be fighting and it will be counterproductive.

SITUATIONAL: Farsight is really nice as it grants vision to a target area on the map, can be cast globally. Plus it is on a 30 second cool down. Feral Heart is still too good to pass up though.

YES: Earth Shield grants a shield to the target allied hero when you cast Lightning Shield. This is great to help keep your team alive during fights.

NO: Battle Momentum is nice as it lowers your cool downs by 0.5 seconds for every basic attack you land, but you will be having to give up Earth Shield for it.

NO: Shadow Wolf causes you to become cloaked for 2 seconds upon entering wolf form. You don’t ever really have a use for this.

Searing Attacks is nice to pick up if you are going DPS Rehgar, as it will help increase your damage output.

YES: Ancestral Healing is a very strong single target heal. It does have a short delay before it is cast, but it will top up your target allied Hero’s health. The 60 second cool down is also very nice.

SITUATIONAL: Bloodlust is another very good heroic ability, but you need a team who benefits from attack speed boosts. For this guide we are going with a healer Rehgar.

YES: Healing Surge increases the health restored on the primary target by 25% plus it will cause your Chain Heal to bounce to another allied Hero/summon/minion, allowing you to now heal 4 targets.

NO: Stormcaller reduces the cool down of Lightning Shield by 2 seconds and reduces the mana cost. It sounds good, but Healing Surge is just way too good to pass up.

NO: Lightning Totem is another talent that does not help you support your team. It gives your Earthbind Totem a shield when it spawns.

NO: Spell Shield will reduce ability damage down to you by 50%, triggers once every 30 seconds. Not a very useful talent for support Rehgar.

NO: Feral Lunge is very good for DPS Rehgar as it allows you to leap to the target and dealing 200% damage. We skip this due to it not being a support talent.

YES: Earthgrasp Totem increases the cast range of Earthbind Totem by 100% and will root enemies for 1 second. This is very useful for locking down enemies trying to run away or jump on your team.

NO: Lightning Bond will allow you to also receive a Lighting Shield when you put it on an allied hero, because you are a support this is not really needed.

NO: Berserk is another talent that can be used for DPS Rehgar, it helps you basic attack more often due to the attack speed boost. We will be skipping this one.

SITUATIONAL: Blood for Blood steals 15% of the target enemy max health and will also slow them by 30% for 3 seconds. This can be useful if you find yourself be targeted in team fights and/or need an extra CC(Crowd Control)

YES: Farseer's Blessing Increases the healing amount of Ancestral Healing by 50% and does a splash heal to nearby friendlies for 25% of the total amount healed. This will almost always fully heal your target and also provide your team with extra heals if they are in close.

NO: Fury of the Storm causes your basic attacks to bounce to nearby eneimes, since we are supporting this won’t be useful.

SITUATIONAL: Storm Shield can be picked up if your team is losing team fights and you need to try and keep your team alive a little bit longer. It provides all nearby allied heroes a shield for 20% of their max health for 3 seconds.


Rehgar excels in a lane with another healer as the will have a very high chance of winning that lane. That being said, Rehgar is also a very strong solo laner and can do very well soaking exp against another solo laner or even 2 enemies. If you are in a solo lane against 2 or more enemies make sure you call for ganks in your lane and just play very passive, soaking exp for your team. Due to you picking up Healing Totem you and another teammate can go and do the knight camp as early as level 1! Just watch out for enemies trying to invade. Rehgar can do merc camps around level 7 with ease, even with this support build, so if you are a roamer or have someone to soak your lane you can go off and do camps to help your other lanes push.

When it comes to early objectives make sure you try and group up with your team as they will need your heals. If your team has self sustain you can get merc camps and split push with them. Just make sure if you are split pushing to put down Healing Totem to keep the Giants/Knights alive.


During the mid game phase is when you want to still continue to grab mercenary camps for your team and if possible push with them. For the most part you will be wanting to group up with your team since you will have Ancestral Healing. Even though we are running a support build, if you put Lightning Shield on yourself and switch to wolf form with your passive Ghost Wolf, you can put out some decent damage and help clean up those enemies who dare to try and even run from you!

Once you get your heroic ability you are even able to solo the boss camp (Grave Golem)!


Now that late game has rolled around, you will want to make sure you are almost always with your team since 1 death could result in a death. Use your Ancestral Healing to save your low life teammates when in fights, and use Chain Heal on the next lowest health ally. You can still continue to grab mercenary camps while your team pushes the lane. Make sure you place your Healing Totem in the right place to avoid it from being destroyed, and try to position yourself near the back of your team so you are not focused right away.

Map specific strategies Top

You will want to be getting merc camps (Giants and Knights) as early as possible. A very good play style is to rotate from lane to lane healing up your allies and possibly pick up a few early kills. Once tributes spawn and your team decides to go for it, make sure you are there! They will need your heals and CC from your Earthgrasp Totem.

Rehgar really excels on this map. He is able to collect a lot of coins due to his ability to solo every single camp on the map. Putting Lightning Shield on yourself will also allow you to destroy the chests that spawn much faster than most heroes, resulting in more coins for your team! If you are clearing camps and collecting coins, you have to make sure you communicate with your team so they don’t go fight without you. If you see your team dancing with the enemy team, get your butt up there and support them!

On Dragon Shire you have a couple options for how you play. You can choose to have help from a teammate and do an early Knight camp push top lane, or you can choose to go and lane. Since Dragon Shire is typically played as 1-1-3, Rehgar will be best in the solo top lane as he can sustain, or in the trilane bot lane as he can help keep his team alive and take atleast 2 of the Giant camps on his own.

Once the Dragon is spawned and your team has it you have to option to either split push or help push. If it is early in the game I highly recommend split pushing to capitalize on the enemy team being distracted with the Dragon. Come later in the game you will want to be taking mercenary camps and pushing with your team.

If you are in the trilane bot lane and all the camps are taken, try to gank middle lane and toss him/her a heal. After all you are a support!

This is one of the biggest maps in the game. It is another map that Rehgar strongly excels at due to the amount of mercenary camps. With the lanes being a big longer and the map objective (Plant Terror) being a bit weak in the current meta, he is able to split push lanes very well. I only recommend doing that if your team is not fighting though, as dying on this map mid-late game can result in a Fort or Keep being lost for your team. Once late game hits you are best off sticking with your team, if you are able to wipe out the enemy team (and you didn’t lose many) you can easily push the enemy core and win the game due to the amount of heals, you can easily out heal the damage done.

You can be the one who goes and gets your team’s Giant camp early on. Once the mines open up it is time to group up and try to take early Knights and go collect skulls down below. Rehgar can clear out the bottom mines and collect skulls very fast with his Lightning Shield, just put it on yourself and watch those skeletons melt away! Once your team is pushing with your Golem, try and sit near the back and position correctly so you do not get jumped on or ganked from behind. You can’t heal the Golem but you can heal up and lane minions and mercenary camps you also have pushing.

An alternative strategy is to go and split push another lane while your team pushes with the Golem. I only recommend doing this if your team has a second healer, or has good sustain/survivability.


- When playing Rehgar don't be afraid to trade with the enemies in lane. You can sustain well and push with Lightning Shield.

- You can start jungling around level 4 solo.

- During team fights make sure to wait for your team to initiate before you go in with Earthgrasp Totem.


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