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By: Fuzz
Last Updated: Aug 23, 2015
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Build: Panty Drop

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ETC New Meta Top

This is the build i have been using and getting consistent results with. the healing is integral for this build as you cant always rely on a healer being around or off CD all the time. otherwise it is focused on ETCs Facemelt talent, which i feel is very strong with lots of CC if built properly. This build exploits that talent o its fullest. Why is this talent build so effective? With so many new heroes coming out with mobility(Leoric, Monk, Butcher...etc) this build gives the ability to "place" those heroes in a bad position, helping our team mates pick them off. ETC also comes with a stun, which is handy for butchers and monks, really anyone who has a an ability we would like to stop(i.e. Valla's strafe ability). to top it off we are going to take Mosh Pit with the Tour Bus ultra. Basically it is like casting Mosh pit twice if you time it well. Overall ETC puts out good damage and has nice CC, and once you get echo pedal you are a force to reckoned with. So get out there and melt some faces.

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