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Falstad - The Finisher

By: zdoc
Last Updated: Jun 25, 2015
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[*] Extra hammer distance = more time to throw +80% basic attacks
[*] Lightning Rod hits like a truck

Why LR build? Top

Team fights can be super annoying when trying to focus squishy enemies that rotate well and their teammates play like sumo champs. LR can auto focus secondary targets leaving you free to focus the callout with hammer and +80% basic attacks, or VERY quickly jump and chase a single target. Even if Illidan or Thrall try to rush you in early game, throwing both abilities on them can push them off, or kill the persistent.

If paired with any sort of root or stun, Falstad can burst as hard as Nova in late game but his mobility at level 20 puts him in a tier 1 slot for myself. While I sacrifice a lot of survivability skills, remember that your mount casts as fast as Reghars' Spirit Wolf, but has a jump range of roughly 40% of the map.

Your mount will make you the most clutch backup in objective play, jumping 2-3 lanes to steal a coin, camp, or kill - whatever, you're there. Late game, spawning while team is deep in a lane can cost dearly, but you can cut a solid 30 seconds out of walk time to catch up with your mates.

The Math Top

These numbers are based on level 20 and the +25% ability power, as I want to compare this as a base - versus the additional LR Talents... and someone should definitely check them:

LR Strikes (1) time for 293 dmg
Followed by (4) strikes for 205 dmg
Totalling 1113 dmg

Now when we add the two LR talents (+2 strikes) and (each strike is 15% stronger) we have:

LR Strikes (1) time for 293 dmg
Followed by (6) strikes for 205 dmg +15% per strike (listed)
Totalling 2094 dmg

Note: I truncated the number at each strike, but did not truncate when calculating the next strike!

My Experience Top

My main play style will include lots of rotation, constantly poking at towers or flying into deflect a jump on a teammate. As tempted as I may be to chase kills, I do my best to only chase vertically between lanes. While your mount is nice, it wont save you from getting smashed by towers, so play like a mage and be modest.

When I find a squishy that is out of position or far from home, I will cast LR first to start 'charging' and get in the position such that the hammer will hit the hero, pass through for a moment, and return through for double hit. Just hitting the hero will not cause both strikes to go off. Too far on the backside and they will most likely dodge the return. Late game I will get much closer in order to make use of my basic crits while hammer is doing whatever on the way back.

LR works WONDERS on tank melting. You can still use your main auto damage to focus and passively wear down their tank, using up enemy heals/shields/escapes.

I'll update this build soon, but I wanted to get into guides - so here we go!

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