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Fresh Meat!

By: Necrofear
Last Updated: Jul 9, 2017
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The Butcher

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Fresh Meat! Top

This is the best for climb Ladder with Butcher!

Tier 1: Abattoir is your number 1 choice. Chop Meat is your 2nd choice if you feel the map is easy to collect meat and has a lot of camps. Also improves your siege damage a lot. Block is situational if you play against alot of mellee assasins and warriors. Invigoration is garbage.

Tier 2: My choice is Cheap Shot. After Onslaught does alot of dmg and at lvl 20 talent every Hamstring does extra to enemies. If you go for charge build then Unrelenting Pursuit is your choice here. Avoid Flail Axe all times.

Tier 3: Insatiable Blade is your way to go for survival against. Many times saved me this talent at edge of death. Meat shield is great against spellcaster teams and its preferable with charge build. Victuals, while good for lane fighting most of times you ll roaming the map so the other choices are far better than this one.

Tier 4: Lamb is the best. You secure a kill or save a teamate from death. Furnace you must be in a well potition and perhaps some times this wont work at all. I prefer Lamb anytime cause of its versatility.

Tier 5: Brutal Strike you ll kill most of assasins with these 3 strikes - Onslaught-->Hamstring-->3 hits-->dead. Savage Charge is the number 1 talent for charge build. Cleaver again is for lane pushing which isnt your game purpose.

Tier 6: Enraged is great. You enter fights without fear. Combined with Uther Divine Shield, Tassadar and lucio shields etc makes him a rampage beast. For Blood Frenzy most of times you wont reach its full potential and that makes it situational against heroes. The slow from Crippling Slam is good but is not compared with the other tier choices.

Tier 7: Nexus blades gives full potential to Cheap Shot and extra dmg. During lvl 20 you will hit for 750+ dmg per hit which is insane. Bolt of the Storm is a good alternative as an escape tool. Also Slaughterhouse is a good choice for team fights to stall enemies and keep them close for aoe ulties like Gazlowe's and Jaina's.

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