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Gazolwe - Tower Defender

By: malf
Last Updated: Oct 29, 2015
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Threats to Gazlowe with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Arthas Easy to kill, just run around towers and we are immortal
Diablo Easy - just kite
Murky Easy enemy, single tower can kill him. Just make sure that if you fight vs him there is already one placed
Tyrande Easy enemy. Just make sure u fight between towers.
Illidan A bit easy to kill, just stay between towers and attack him, spam bomb under legs and he would be easy enemy
Anub'arak Hard to kill cause towers are focusing loctus instead of him
Sgt. Hammer If he goes to the siege mode just plant bomb under him. He can also kill us before we plant the bomb cause of his huge dmg compared to our low hp.
  No Threat
Kerrigan Not so easy enemy, his shield is hard to break and his jumps are unkittable. The same tactic as vs Illidan - place bombs under legs and keep in tower range
E.T.C. If etc attack towers he is unkillable by us, if he is focusing us he may be hard but he is killable
Falstad Run through towers, if we have enough luck they would kill him faster that he kill us.
Kael'thas We cant stay between towers cause his 'w' could easily spread and kill us instantly. Very hard enemy for us
The Butcher He can catch us by charge but then we can kite him between towers. If he took Lamb we are dead ;)
Jaina With elemental build she could easily kill us - towers are focusing elemental. Anyway she can just blow us instantly before towers start to do any dmg.
Zeratul Hard enemy, we have to loooooad laser to reveal him. During this time he can just enter and deal very much dmg to us. Anyway if we survive the towers would be very dangerous to him if he doesn't have blink
Chen Unkillable - really. Towers cant do any dmg to him
Rexxar Very very hard enemy, misha takes whole dmg of towers and rexx can do anything he want. If u miss ulti+stun combo then you are dead
Nova Hard enemy, clones would take all of towers dmg and nova is able to easily oneshoot us

Introduction Top

Hello everyone.

This is my first build ever so please be patient and don't pay attention at my launguage mistakes ;)

In the How to Play part i shared a video where i'am playing gazol with that build. Enjoy

I started to top gazol few days ago (several games per day) and i introduced a build that i have never seen before. With it I am topping damage done table every single game and with good combo Grav-O-Bomb 3000+ Xplodium Charge you can be very very useful in teamfights that allow you to turn 99% lost teamfight.

Table of Contents:
1. Talent desctiption
2. How to play

I would improve that guide with screenshoots and if i learn how to with some videos too.

Enjoy and comment

Talent desctiption Top

I am using one talent set with a little modifications that are focused to map or enemy team setup.

1 lvl talent
Break it Down! - the best of the bests, allows you reduce cooldown as much as it's only possible. Every tower that are not shooting to anything should be destroyed by salvager and you have to collect scrap. It allows you do reduce cooldown to every single abilities including your ulti. Good gazol has to got ulti up in every teamfight in game.

4 lvl talent
In my opinion there are 2 possibilities. On the map where are more creeps or more "pushing with boss" teamfights I like to use Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for example terror garden, infernal shirines, or tomb of spider . At maps where are many camps and you dont have to push with any 'boss' type mob for example sky temple, cursed hollow, or bay I preffer to use Mercenary Lord.

7 lvl talent
For me Engine Gunk is the best choice. Enemies that fighting in area of your Rock-It! Turret are perma slowed by 25%. In case that you have to kite someone that talent also allow you to survive or to catch somebody that is running.

10 lvl talent
Grav-O-Bomb 3000 - the only and the best. If you are enough skilled to set up combo your teammates would probably love you ;)

13 lvl talent
Turret Storage yes, this one. I know that 90% of builds are created with sprint but with Rock-It! Turret spam (3-4 in teamfight) you don't have to got escape mechanism that is not perfect. Good position of towers allow your flee from every enemy that is not instakilling you.

16 lvl talent
Long-Ranged Turrets I know that it is not meta talent in every possible gazol build you read before but when we are focused to place as much turrets as it possible with that talent your enemies when they are going to avoid zone with your Rock-It! Turret they have to go far away or be prepared to fight inside of them. It allows you also place the Rock-It! Turret behind walls.

20 lvl talent
Miniature Black Hole - it makes your gravi bomb almost unavoidable, only enemies that has any escape mechanism are able to jump out of that but they have to waste their escape at this.

How to play Top

In teamfight you have to place as much Rock-It! Turret as it possible, but each one have to be enough far away of others to avoid enemies AOE all of your Rock-It! Turret instantly. Im not melee dpsing, totally. During whole fight im focusing to collect scrap to reduce cooldowns, spam Xplodium Charge and placing Rock-It! Turret wherever it is possible to increase damage your enemies are receiving.

When you push with boss and you take talent Reduce, Reuse, Recycle it is possible to place more than 3 towers (my record is 9, each one is doing over 100 dmg per hit, every second) so you can calculate how much damage you have placed. If enemies wanted to burst them down they waste their damage instead of killing your teammates.

Sharing replay how to play that build:

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