Guerrilla Warfare by Daylagos

Guerrilla Warfare

By: Daylagos
Last Updated: Mar 31, 2016
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Build: All your base belong to Dahaka

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If you enjoy frustrating your opponents, this build is for you. Top

Inspired by "Star Craft II: Heart of the Swarm" I've built and successfully tested this Dehaka play style that has full map control, optimal Mercing capabilities and the ability to ambush anywhere when needed with a frustrating amount of survivability.

By combining the map teleportation skills of an Zagara, the quick escape style of an Abathur, and the tank mercing style of an Artanis immortality build Dehaka easily becomes the slipperiest tank to find, frustratingly hard to kill, while simultaneously becoming a siege wrecking ball.

The Key-Note of this build is to stay on the map as long as possible, ambushing Minion waves every chance you have to stay constantly healed, with little need to hearth except when completely OOM.

The Zerg Arsenal Top

Tier 1: Primal Aggression is going to be your bread and butter for optimizing quick Merc and Minion take downs to capitalize on both quick essence retrieval and a guerilla style hit and run on Merc camps anywhere on the map.

Tier 2: One-Who-Collects will allow you to snag a whopping 28 essence per group of Minions felled (4 essence x 7 Minions) which equates to about 35% of your health as a heal at any given time when using Essence Collection. You can use this to stay alive while taking another Merc Camp or using this to assault a tower. When paired with Primal Aggression from Tier 1: it allows a Minion wave to be killed in less than 5 seconds.

Tier 3: Feeding Frenzy will allow faster take downs of Siege Mercs as the bonus damage and short stun duration of Drag can now be used every 6 seconds which will greatly reduce the damage you take and leads to faster Merc kills when spammed with Primal Aggression. Also the Utility in team fights is amazing to not only stun but put your enemies in horrible situations that cause them to panic and stop attacking like a Stiches eating someone.

Tier 4: Adaptation is going to be your Tower and Boss Assault opener. After you have a few bruisers or siege running with you, you need to protect them and let them be your DPS. Assault the cannons or towers first and pop Adaptation, this will allow you to tank the max amount of DMG you can while protecting your Mercs and gain 60% of your health back after the initial assault. Paired with your ability to quickly take down incoming Minions and gaining another 35% of your health from their deaths using Essence Collection you can crush a gate, push hard, and then Brushstalker out the instance you see trouble coming your way. (same with bosses)

Tier 5: Personal Choice

Tier 6: Rapid Regeneration is perfect for giving you the few seconds you might need to find a good bush to run away to when the enemy team has finally had enough of your trickery and shenanigans. Burrow should always be popped before clicking elsewhere on the map to find a run away place. Rapid Regeneration just gives you the added bonus of popping up on a Minion or Merc group with more health to stay in the fight longer.

Tier 7: Apex Predator makes you the Map Control God you were destined to be. a 30 sec reduction puts Brushstalker down to a 10 second cool down and near instantaneous teleportation to anywhere on the map. This is a Nydus Canal on Steroids. At level 20 you can crush a merc camp in 10 seconds and then teleport to the next instantly, with most maps having 4-6 merc camps, this gives the culmination of Primal Aggression, Feeding Frenzy, Adaptation, and Rapid Regeneration the ability take all Merc Camps on a map in less than 1 minute time.

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