Gul'dan The First Orc Warlock by ravenxt

Gul'dan The First Orc Warlock

By: ravenxt
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2016
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Build: Gul'dan dps/self healing

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This is going to be my second guild for heroes of the storm. Top

this is a more eat away damage so alway be ready to run went you need to get out so let's get to the talents.

first i always pick Glyph of Drain Life because it will give you abit more time to heal from Drain Life went they start to run away.

second is Improved Life Tap this one gives you more mana for your heath so it helps.

Curse of Exhaustion is a great for slowing down the enemy so just throw down your E follow by W or Q.

I just think Rain of Destruction is great and also great at stopping the enemy team from pushing to hard or getting the objecive.

Harvest Life is just for more healing from Drain Life from enemy heroes.

Darkness Within is a way of getting some more dmg from your ability's plz use wisely.

Now we are to my Fav talent for Gul'dan it is Demonic Cicle which give you a get out of a bad team fight or went something is going south i always put it close or in the hall.

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