Guns N' Roses by Beastflexx

Guns N' Roses

By: Beastflexx
Last Updated: Aug 4, 2015
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Build: Rollin' Smokes

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THis is my e.t.c build,I really hope you guys enjoy it. E.T.C. is one of my personal favorites in HoTs and I would like to thank everyone for taking a look at my guide, this is my first one.My in game name is Hogger, Hope I get to play a match with some of you and test my skills !

Level 1 - Block Top

I chose Block over Rolling like a stone because E.T.C. has a problem with taking damage early game. Block is more sufficient for E.T.C. because of the role he plays on the team and he can make plays with out worrying too much about positioning. Block is an overall great skill and can save your life when you are in a pinch.

Level 4 - Double-Necked Guitar Top

I believe that this is arguably the best skill for E.T.C. at this level, A lot of people like Hammer-on. I prefer Double-Necked Guitar just because of the no delay on Powerslide and you can stun more people. I like tanks that can make plays, not just be tanky for no reason. if something happens to your teammate, you can quick slide for the save and Block my help you survive as well if you are low

Level 7 - Guitar Hero Top

first off, doesn't this skill name sound cool?(Guitar Hero) Haha, that's what your teammate will be calling you when you save them from dying. Once again, I said I like mobile tanks, so a mobile tank needs to be able to sustain a good or bad situation. Guitar Hero gives you a heal on basic attack as well as the initial heal from Guitar Solo, this allows you to take more damage from opponents and clutch out a boss fight when you are low.

Level 10 - MOSHPIT Top

I will always forever get Moshpit, Make your Opponents Dance to their deaths !! haha, no seriously, this skill gives you great Crowd Control and can give your team the edge they need for the win. you can quick slide an opponent and stun them for extra seconds, if the survive, your power slide should be back up in time to clutch the kill.

Level 13 - SHow Stopper Top

as the game progress, Block begins to wear down and no be as strong as it was early game. So we proc into Show Stopper so that you can get the edge you need to stay tanky.

Level 16 - Echo Pedal Top

this skill not only makes you scary tank, but also a duelist. Echo Pedal allows you to clear minion waves as well put out some nice dps. Also, Echo Pedal deal damage to turrets and structures which is nice for an late game push. "Q"-"E"-"W"- and let the damage roar from your Guitar !!!!!

Level 20 - Death Metal Top

This skill allows you to have an ulti even when it is not up, you can run in like rambo and position yourself well enough to catch the enemy team off guard. I also like Storm SHield, but death metal seems to work more towards my play style.

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