HASAGI... wait, what? (For advanced players) by dacoqrs

HASAGI... wait, what? (For advanced players)

By: dacoqrs
Last Updated: Nov 28, 2015
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Build: Vasuo

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Introduction Top


Hey, Dac here.

Today I'm going to teach you my newly discovered Vasuo build, inspired by the League of Legends champ, Yasuo.

Yasuo, in League of Legends, is known for his dash's low cooldown as well as his Q's (which is a straight attack in front of him) low cooldown. So, often, Yasuo will dash, Q, dash, Q, dash Q, and so on and so forth.

I've created the same sort of idea with Valla. Let me teach you, THE COMBO!

The idea is, first, you use Hungering Arrow. Then, Vault, which, thanks to Repeating Arrow, resets. Hungering Arrow again. Then, because you took Tumble, you can vault again, resetting Hungering Arrow yet again!

TALENTS - Explained Top

Level 1 : Cost-Effective Materials

This is helpful both early and late game.

Early game, you will be able to spam Hungering Arrow with ease. Late game, it will keep our uber burst combo relatively cheaper.

Other Possible Choices

Siphoning Arrow : Well, I tried this build with it and early game you don't notice a difference, but late game, you just burn through mana too fast. Up to you though.

Level 3 : Puncturing Arrow

Since our whole combo is based on Hungering Arrow, this is a great talent to pick up. You can hit enemies farther away and it will bounce far more frequently.

Level 7 : Repeating Arrow

Mandatory for our build to work. At level 7, you will have this combo : Q, E, Q
Although not as swagtastic as our level 16 combo, it still hits like a meat truck.

Level 10 : Strafe OR Rain of Vengeance

Honestly I don't care! I prefer Strafe as it's on a shorter cooldown.

Level 13 : Frost Shot

Although this isn't a crucial tier, I find Frost Shot helps keep enemies in place.

Level 16 : Tumble

You now have your full potential. Remember : Q, E, Q, E, Q

Level 20 : Bolt of the Storm

Honestly this tier doensn't matter, but I find BotS works for engaging on enemies.

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