Heals forever by ButterMeUP

Heals forever

By: ButterMeUP
Last Updated: Jun 27, 2015
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Build: Unlimited Heals!

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About me Top

Hi guys,

I'm a high MMR player who mainly plays Warriors / Supports.
Check out my youtube www.youtube.com/scbuttermeup
and my twitch www.twitch.tv/scbuttermeup

Why Rehgar? Top

I've been playing rehgar since early alpha and I think hes not given enough love because of the current meta.

However, he works. He works well.

This build is designed to work with atleast 1 melee dps (aside from your tank) This build will allow extra dps, HP and to keep your frontline healthy while using your totem to stop them from engaging your backline easy.

As you can see, it focuses on making your chain heal OP. This build using the buffs from the lightning shield and chain heal together will make your heals really BIG. UTHER BIG. While bouncing about like a kid on Redbull.

You need to stay in the backline, casting your shield and first heal on your engager. Then switch over focus to your melee dps (this works really well with illidan/kerrigan/thrall)

Any questions, please ask

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