Hipster Nazeebo by Oniyui

Hipster Nazeebo

By: Oniyui
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2015
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Build: Hipster Nazeebo

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Not your typical Nazeebo Top

This build pretty obviously takes advantage of Nazeebo's unspoken strengths of the jungle as well as the enormous potential of his annoying little spider army, as opposed to the more common try-hard build that purely puts all its eggs in the Ravenous Spirit basket. Of course, we still take RS, we're just not all-in on it.

Improved jungle with merc talents, spiders, rewind
Improved zoning with spiders
Improved control with rewind
Improved poke with spiders
Improved siege with spiders
More kill secure with Leaping Spiders
No stacks to lose on death
Mass spiders with Rewind

Less burst without Gathering Power stacks feeding Ravenous Spirit
Less DoT time without Gidbin
Shorter Zombie Wall without Gidbin (but hey, we get to use it twice!)
Less hero damage per second without Specialized Toxin (still pretty good with 12 spiders)
More yolo without Sprint (but fortunately we don't lose GP stacks if we do die, bwahaha)

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