How to Play - Grandmaster - Sonya by Vokroo

How to Play - Grandmaster - Sonya

By: Vokroo
Last Updated: Nov 12, 2015
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How to play Sonya Top

Activate Ferocious Healing, Nerves of Steel and/or Ignore Pain in combat.

Do not miss Ancient Spear. Remember it also has a stun built in, so it can be used for interrupts. Once you get Mystical Spear it can be used for escapes. It will only go over walls if the entire spear head goes over the wall, otherwise it will NOT pull. By walls, I am referring to scenery, not fort walls.

Use Seismic Slam on cooldown unless you're running low on fury.

Use Whirlwind in minion waves or minion camps. In teamfights, use if the enemy team is stacked or if you are running low on fury and are taking damage. Try to avoid using if you have a major attack speed buff such as Morales' Stim Drone.

Activate Wrath of the Berserker before every fight. Make sure not to waste it. Don't use it on minions if there is a teamfight coming up. Don't use it on an escaping enemy if you can't catch up.

Fury activates on everything. Use Wrath of the Berserker? Get a movement speed buff. Get pulled by Mystical Spear? Get a movement speed buff. Remember that this increases at 16 with No Escape. Your spear becomes a 9 second cooldown at minimum with Mystical Spear. You need smart Fury use to have high uptime, unlike someone such as Illidan who can just press Q and W every few seconds.

Alternative talents Top

Level 7 can be swapped for Follow Through if you need more damage. Both of the talents are roughly the same in power level, with a slight edge to Ferocious Healing.
Level 16 can be swapped for No Escape. Like the level 7 options, it is roughly as good as Nerves of Steel. True to its name, your chase potential is fantastic once you take this talent.

Your choice in the two above talents depends on playstyle and team comp. I personally prefer the tankier build and that is what I recommend.

I don't think there needs to be an explanation for any of the other talents. They are all significantly weaker, in my opinion.

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