I got 99 probs but a Team ain't one (SoloQ Gazilla) by inimicalgg

I got 99 probs but a Team ain't one (SoloQ Gazilla)

By: inimicalgg
Last Updated: Mar 22, 2015
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About Me Top

Hi guys, inimicalgg here with my first guide on Gazlowe ! I am a shoutcaster for Heroes of the Storm, currently casting Storm League in English for Afreeca.tv. I have 600+ games logged in at the time of writing this guide and am not slowing down :D

I have a very liberal stance on Heroes of the Storm talent builds so you'll find some weird things I may suggest from time to time (Like Gargantuan on Nazeebo, everyone hates it but it's so good!). Basically I think most talents are fairly viable and are really up to your play-style but some builds are really really good ( Valla Multishot!)

You can find me at:
Livestream: Afreeca.tv/inimicalgg (this is also where the Storm League VODs will be)
Twitter: @inimicalgg
Youtube: youtube.com/inimicalgg

Talent LVL 1 & 4 Top

The reason we are taking Break it Down! at 1 and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at 4 is because we want to collect as much scrap as possible in order to reduce our cooldowns. By reducing our CDs when we finally take Turret Storage at LVL 16 we can spam turrets in a teamfight, creating multiple Venn-Diagrams of Damage

Talent LVL 7 Top

So we've been putting our turrets down and seeing and increase in cooldown, NOW it's time to get some damage. At LVL 7 we take Rock-It! Turret XL because we want our turrets to attack multiple targets during LVL 7 objectives and LVL 10 team fights. We are also thinking about the late-game here as we will have 4 turrets spamming multiple multiple targets simultaneously

Talent LVL 10 Grav O-Bomb 3000, video showing you how to engage Top

Grav-O-Bomb 3000

Recipe for destruction:
  • Place 1 Rock-It! Turret(or 2 if your map awareness is good and you've already positioned yourself!)
  • Cast [[Xpldium Charge] on the spot where you will eventually cast [[Grav-O-Bomb 3000]
  • Cast Rock-It! Turret OR [[Grav-O-Bomb 3000] Here is all about timing, if your opponents have already converged on your team and your position, cast Grav bomb instead. This is a SPLIT SECOND DECISION!!!!
  • Cast remaining Rock-It! Turret 's
  • Cast Deth Lazor for BM

This is a commentary video from two weeks ago. It's a different build in the video, but the engage and the kind of plays Gazlowe can make are shown.

Talent LVL 13 - Sprint Top

Sprint is the choice here for an obvious reason: Gazlowe has no escape. If an Illidan jumps you and you're alone, your turrets might not be enough to save you. This is where Sprint comes in.

Because we also didn't take first aid we really need to pick up Sprint here as Gazlowe's sustainability isn't very great.

Besides this, we ignore the other talents because they aren't very strong Burning Rage EZ-PZ Dimensional Ripper or the abilities which aren't very great Xplodium Charge Sorry guys but the timer on this is awful for a normal stun/root. think: Howling Blast

Now before you all come at me let me explain. Most players will have no problem dodging X-charges as the timer on them is super long compared to other roots/stun in Heroes. We only need 1 X-charge for our Self-Wombo Combo (shown in the LVL 10 Talent video.)

And again, ESCAPES ARE A PRIORITY if you don't have one (ex. Gazlowe, Jaina)

Talent LVL 16 - Turret Storage Top

Now I've spent a lot of time talking about Turret Storage so I'm not going to talk much about it.

If you are anticipating a team-fight you can start placing turrets down and not worry if the fight moves away from you, as you'll have 4 to place.

Personally, I like having the extra charges as you can burn one or two on a merc camp but still have enough for a team fight or gank of one happens within your immediate vicinity.

Or if someone like Illidan comes at you in a 1v1, all you have to do is put down 4 turrets and even if you die, he won't survive unless he has a healer with him.

Talent LVL 20 - Miniature Black Hole Top

We don't have any awesome choices here for Gazlowe except this one, so we take it. We've already been wiping teams after we hit LVL 16 so the extra Grav-O-Bomb 3000 damage is our best option here.

Conclusion Top

Hey guys thanks for reading as this is my first guide!

Give me a shoutout on Twitter, Afreeca, Youtube.

Feel free to give me Feedback and what guide you would like to see next (I will do requests!)

Thanks Guys!


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