I Heard You Liked Serpents by Cheekun

I Heard You Liked Serpents

By: Cheekun
Last Updated: May 18, 2015
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Li Li

Build: Snakes, it had to be Snakes.

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Threats to Li Li with this build

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Nova Be wary of the map and her tell-tale cloak flicker. She'll likely stick next to bushes for an easy escape route. Early game her damage is strictly as a finisher or set up, don't let your health dip below half. Late game she becomes a significantly bigger threat with her rewind combo: Pinning shot>Snipe>Rewind>Snipe. You are almost guaranteed to die to this combo if she has ability power stacks. The counter is to simply be in the back-line and insure that if she tries this from out of position you at least trade evenly.
  No Threat
Zeratul Watch for his tell-tale cloak flicker and don't over extend with him in the game. In a general gameplay sense hes easier to deal with the Nova. Simply because he has to be in melee range to open up, and he has to approach you to open. This is incredibly easy to spot and avoid. However his true threat his is two heroic abilities, Shadow Prison (which hard counters you in a team fight) and Shadow Assault (Burns you down). Keep in mind that being stacked on your teammates effectively counters the prison and retreating effectively over commits him during his shadow assault.
E.T.C. Brings alot of the same threats that Diablo does to a lesser extent. If he catches you out with his power slide + knockback, you're going to have a tough time. Thankfully split push ETC seems to be really popular right now and most players don't default to Mosh Pit as much anymore. Still be wary of him.
  No Threat
Uther Basically a hard counter to Li Li. Plenty of healing, tons of CC and healing through death. You're going to get focused, and you are going to get stunned, this guy won't help the matter.
Diablo This guy is the literal bane of your existence. His charge and grab can single handily end you. It goes without saying that he also has two ways to stop your ultimate. Keep your distance outside of team fights and be wary during them.

Brief Introduction to the Build Top

I know i might not be the first to mention this build, but every guide so far seems to either be a slightly different variation of the optimal build or poorly written (or to be frank, i might have missed it) so I'm throwing this up here now with the hopes that it helps some of ya'll.

This is the most optimal talent focus for the crazy Li Li build going on right now. The Jist of it is as follows: Your serpents are healing for each auto attack that fires, but they also heal based off your lighting serpent talent (makes it cleave to 3 enemies). Keep in mind that the serpents only heal the targets they are placed on, and your target has to be auto attacking to receive the heal effects. Make sure to point this out if they don't seem to be engaging properly. You build to optimize serpent up-time and to add the healing and cleave component.

You will be focused! This build makes Li Li a healing and cleave powerhouse that left unchecked can easily double the healing of the enemy team. You also compete with assassins for total damage done. In a nutshell, this build is probably unintentional and will likely be nerfed come release of Johana (official release of HoTS).

Talent Chocies and Discussion Top

I take Jug with this build for the simple fact that serpents in retreat scenarios simply can't do all the work. No matter how op the build is, if you can't afford to stand and fight the serpents can't do any healing.

The Shrink Ray talent tier is truthfully preference. Shrink ray gives you control over 1v1 engagements and additional escape potential, and can soften some enemy heroic abilities (Strafe etc). Hindering Winds is nice if you need to escape multiple targets funneling behind you, and is my go to (If the enemy team is smart, you'll be focused 100% of the time). Surging winds is largely unnecessary as without Mass Vortex, it amounts to a very small increase (you'll have your hands full keeping serpents up, throwing brews out, and kiting anyway). Elusive feet is nice if you find yourself getting caught out, but is largely inferior to the other three abilities in the tier.

Kung Fu Hustle is a must. You know my emphasis on you being focused? Well, you can turn that into an advantage. This talent will single handily allow you to overwhelm the other team with healing output via brews, serpents, ultimates, and to a lesser extent damage. Don't pass this one up!

General Gameplay Advice Top

You aren't Invincible!

So don't act like it. You'll be the primary focus of the other team, so you still need to back line. You're also a little underwhelming early to mid-late game. You start to really shine when you pick up Serpent Sidekick. Keep this in mind early game and play like a typical Li Li build does, help clear lanes, rotate to heal, and farm exp from empty lanes (your serpent cleave and up-time will greatly aid in your ability to push lanes).

When you pick up serpent sidekick, try to never cast the serpent on yourself! You should always be near teammates for obvious reasons so make sure to get as much as you can out of the talent.


Early game this really pertains to your Q, as its still useful and on a short cool down and your serpents aren't powerful enough yet to sustain on their own.

Late game, your heroic ability is still very powerful and makes your team un-killable with serpents on your front liners.

TLDR: You're still a healer, and you're healing tools are still useful.

Updates and Such Top

If this build still stays popular and relevant going forward. I'll keep this guide updated!

Will also add some polish when i have more time.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

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