Illidan Guide (All-in Assassin) *7/30/15* by Irascibilem

Illidan Guide (All-in Assassin) *7/30/15*

By: Irascibilem
Last Updated: Jul 30, 2015
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Zagara Fighting him 1v1 isn't usually a big deal if you get the jump on him. Make sure you use Evasion to counter his minions and you should be good. Fighting in Team Fights with an enemy Zagara sucks. If you have a good presence in the game you'll get cc'd so quick and only effectively participate in 50% of the fight.
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Intro Top

So, I'm just a normal guy with some experience with MOBAs in general.

I picked up HotS with one goal in mind - to find my assassin. I've always loved the Assassin role in any game I play, MOBAs or otherwise.. and who other than Illidan himself. (WoW player for 7 years!)

This build has one thing in mind, make sure that your target dies. If you're like me, I think this will work out just fine for ya. :)

Offensive options Top

The point of the offense is obviously picking 1 person and dropping them asap. But there are ways for you to get off some okay multi-target damage by using your Sweeping Strikes well.

ALWAYS make sure to AA asap after you dive. Engage with Dive, become an obstacle in their escape route using Sweeping Strikes (if needed), and AA away. Spam Sweeping Strikes on CD and AA away.

I personally choose The Hunt because I feel it's the perfect deletion tool. Near-unavoidable damage and stun and honestly it can be used as a great gap closer in duels and small fights. If you're sneaky enough, you can pull off some cool plays by dashing over a wall with Sweeping Strikes and ulting back over.

The Hunt is also really great for just general map presence. It allows you to hearth back to heal and instantly be back in the action! Put it to more uses than just engage! :)

Defensive options Top

So, like I said earlier I love going all-in. I LOVE getting into the heads of the enemy squishies knowing that I'm ALWAYS ready to pounce with a global ult.

That being said. As a good Assassin, I have my ways out too. ;P

Obviously First Aid. Just pop this whenever you're about to get into a fight. 1v1 or otherwise, because you're gonna be up in their squishy's face and they will have people ready to peel. Works in good conjunction with Evasion since you dodge a decent portion of incoming damage while healing.. you get the idea.

Next is Sweeping Strikes. This escape comes from the "Unbound" talent which allows Sweeping Strikes to go through terrain. This is my favorite kind of disengage because it's quick, it's effective, and it can confuse the hell out of people. I can't tell you how many times I dash over a wall, then just immediately dash back and start hearthing. People will almost never check twice.

Outro Top

So, like I said. I'm no pro player. I don't have a meaningful name in the gaming world at all. :P

Just a guy who loves his Assassins to death and I wanted to make a guide on what I find to be the most fun/effective way of playing my favorite character in any lore from any game. Illidan Stormrage, the Betrayer.

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