Illidan(unmatched and unchained) by Arthanius

Illidan(unmatched and unchained)

By: Arthanius
Last Updated: Jan 6, 2016
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Build: Illidan(unmatched and unchained)

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Defence is a great offense. And vice versa Top

Use Dive to minorly slow targets for teamates, also great to us "Q" and "W" to body block. Evasion is only good against Physical damage, so use it wisely when being attacked! The set up of these talents are very well unheard of. Most Illidan's will go first aid and such, but they are no match for another Illidan with this build. the simple reason being is due to the double CD rate from thrill of battle. This build is best against Butcher as well. For if he cannot hit you, he cannot win.
Now on to the talents. Shadow shield is a nice absorber of excess damage, such as spells or soon after evade fades. may be a small cushion, but it will save you on many occasions. Marked for death is nice to have for that double damage after a dive. Thrill of battle adds double the Cool Down rate per attack, so instead of one second, it is two. so twice as many dives, with 100% crits, twice as much maneuverability with Q and W, and most importantly twice the evade(which is most in handy for missed phys damage and more shield cushioning), and lastly the raw fact that it also gives 2 secs CD/hit to your ult as well.
Alright so on to the ultimate. Metamorph is great for the attack speed in tandem with thrill of battle, therefor more use of every ability, even its own CD. Also if it is off of CD, DO NOT hesitate to abuse your Meta to escape sudden death.
Now then, Giant killer is great since Illidan has the fastest attack speed within game(other than that of Tych). And Metamorph just adds to the cause of Giant killer, more attack speed, and you are just shredding the targets hp at this point on.
Blood for blood, this talent is underused for its worth. I prefer using this when I have a nice chunk of HP missing. But the question is, who do you use it on? Well who has the most max HP? The tank does. this talent(taking the hotkey "1") can turn the tide of a battle, easily.
Now then, let's discuss this last talent, shall we?... The last talent is entirely situational. obviously you shouldn't go for bolt... you already have 2 escapes, one for sure, 2 if there is an enemy behind you or in the direction of your escape plan(AND NEVER FORGET!!! Always plan your escape before hand, survival of the fittest.). But if the enemy team has more Physical damage and you are having issues with getting stunned and surviving, then the logical talent is Meta 2.. for the 50% less duration of CC and 30% more attack speed. Which means... EVEN MORE CD RATES!? Or maybe they are casters and you just plainly need them dead ASAP and where they cannot escape, then you would want Nexus blades.
And one more thing, IF you have the EYEs for it, Dive can save you from many skill shots. Muradin stun for instance. it will allow you to phase. this also goes for Kael'thas stun and Raynor's knock back, so use it wisely. not to just always make a dive and initiate a chase.
I hope to see this build help out in many ways. And one more thing, keep your awareness.. Never over extend unless you are absolutely sure you can make it out alive. What will help with this is playing defensive and protecting your team mates. Illidan is very dependent on his team, he can be squishy, which is why I devised this build for damage and survivability by utilizing his trait and evasion in tandem. Well I believe this is all of the advice that I have. So Good Luck, and Good Hunting, Illidan fans.
Oh and lastly, don't hesitate to cap bruiser camps, solo, after Thrill of battle. that constant shadow shield will keep you safe. This build will also allow you to take down bosses with perfectly timed W's and E's and using D when you can(with 1 or 2 team mates, especially one of them being a support.). Also using this build against another Illidan that uses the average Illidan build, this build will have you coming out of that one vs one with 3/4 of your max hp still, and they will be dead, this is how much more lethal this build truly is. And I have tested this time and time again. They will die before first aid can heal them up. so there is no worry there, just make them waste that talent time and time again.

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