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The Butcher

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I will update this guide later.

For now, I will just state after a long period of testing - this has been the most viable build for me in Quick Match and Hero League with a high win rate.

At first I thought Invigoration and Savage Charge was best, but The Butcher requires finesse when playing him. He has a very deceptive appearance as being "tanky." However, with the right talent build, he is able to sustain, above average team fight dps, ridiculous solo fight opportunities, solo boss/camps, and evade death when engaged.

This is THAT talent build. After much testing, I feel confident to share with you all. Why? Because there are a lot of bad The Butcher players floating around.

I won't discuss much until I come back and write a proper guide. I will say that Block will serve you best vs Invigoration. No other talent at Tier 2 is as valuable as Flail Axe. Brutal Strike provides an incredible damage burst. Crave Flesh is just amazing. Why Crave Flesh over Savage Charge? Two reasons: To chase and to escape. The Butcher is extremely vulnerable because of not having an "obvious" escape for many to recognize when playing with him. Most wait till Tier 7 with Bolt of the Storm for escape. Oh, and there is a third reason. There will be times you will find yourself missing the Furnace Blast when proc'd. Having Crave Flesh on a target will ensure your ability to reposition yourself before the talent goes off.


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