Its Tracer Love. by thee

Its Tracer Love.

By: thee
Last Updated: Apr 19, 2016
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i mean this when i say it this is how Tracer will be played for highest dmg and best sustain.

This build is gonna give you the most uptime on your pulse bombs. and high mobility. from my experience being level 8 with tracer already she is much of a slow poke high burst hit and run.

Basically you want to lane and slowly build up that ult. the talents i've chosen compliment that.

Note on lvl 1 talent - choose pulse strike if you want more pulse bombs or slipstream if you want more recall

Note on lvl 4 talent - Glass cannon (untouchable) is the best choice here however relies heavily on a support. depending on your play style and team health pack is a great option.

Note on lvl 7 talent - once you gain some experience untouchable is incredible. You need to have a strong support with you tho to have this imo. The health pack talent is create you heal a ton from a globe. the recall bombs is not worth it dmg wise

Lvl 10 prefer the pulse rounds, no matter what you choose the damage on her ult is not high. the Range is very short so the extra range is nice

note on 13 talent. ricochet is to rng based and leeching rounds bonus of 20% is just not enough to give you gain. bullet spray however can be a game changer not only for the level 1 talent you took but for damaging and poking 2 players like a healer and carry at once. also has the ability to clear waves of minions at a higher lvl

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