Tracer, the Agent of Overwatch - How to carry games by roukee

Tracer, the Agent of Overwatch - How to carry games

By: roukee
Last Updated: May 28, 2016
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Build: Life Leech

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Threats to Tracer with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Li-Ming Blink her skillshots, Recall or Blink when she Ults. Easy.
Kael'thas Same as Li Ming
Gazlowe Free win
Illidan Relatively easy. Blink away from his engages and he should have no chance against you.
Jaina High damage, but easy to dodge.
  No Threat
Dehaka Very tanky, you can hardly kill him.
Sylvanas Dodge her Haunting wave with Blink,same for Wailing Arrow (Ult 1). Mind Controll (Ult 2) can be dangergous
Valla High burst, based on AAs
Xul Blink his Scythe, Recall his Ultimate. His root can be dangerous though.
Nova See "Talent Breakdown - Level 13"
Zeratul Nightmare. He can sneak behind you and kill you before you can escape. Try to Blink or Recall as soon as he attacks. See "Talent Breakdown - Level 13"
Arthas Very tanky, you can hardly kill him.
E.T.C. Very dangerous. If his Ultimate catches you, you have no chance to escape and you will very likely die. Try to predict it and get away early.
  No Threat
  No Threat


Build: Strong Meele

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20


Update: Thanks for over 10k 50k views in just half a month! I appreciate your positive feedback!
You can also follow me on Twitch and YouTube if you want to watch me play!

Welcome! My name is roukee. I've played Heroes of the Storm since the beta came out, and even though I'm more of a casual player, I consider myself a good Tracer player so far.
Tracer is a ranged assassin. She's extremely mobile and Blink allows her to quickly engage, kill the enemy and Recall out again. Her Ultimate Pulse Bomb is usable at level one, giving her a great advantage in early game, even though it can be hard to hit.


+Ranged assassin

+High sustained damage

+Ultimate on Level 1

+Extremely mobile

+No mana

-Very squishy

-No real burst

-Hard to master

-Hard-to-hit Ultimate

-Reloading auto attacks

Blink (Q)

Mid-range dash. Can store 3 charges. 6 seconds cooldown per charge.

Blink is Tracers most used ability. It allows you to quickly approach enemies, to dodge their spells or to get out as fast as you got in. It makes you nearly ungankable and gives you the mobility that compensates your relative squishieness. Always have 2-3 charges ready before starting a fight, you will need them.

Melee (W)

Melee close-range attack. Focuses heroes. 8 seconds cooldown.

Melee is a short-range melee attack. It deals heavy damage and charges your Pulse bomb for 5-10%. Use it as soon as you get in range of an enemy hero to start a fight or as a last hit to finish them off.

Recall (E)

Travel to a previous position, remove debuffs and reload. 24 seconds cooldown.

Recall is Tracers second escape spell. You travel back in time and space to the position you were 3 seconds before. You also remove all debuffs and reload your ammo. Use it to survive dangerous situations and outplay enemies in order to win a fight. It has a high cooldown, so think about when to use it.

Pulse Bomb (R)

Short-range bomb that attaches to enemies. Needs AAs to charge.

Pulse Bomb is Tracers only Ultimate. It shoots a short-range bomb that attaches to enemies and explodes after 1.5 seconds, dealing heavy damage. It is usable on level 1 and has no cooldown. Instead, your AAs and Melee charge Pulse Bomb. It is difficult to land, so use it wisely.

Level 1: Slipstream

Recall is a very important escape for you. Having a lower cooldown on it allows you to
get away more often, and the one extra second will get you a lot farther away from the enemy. It's a must-have.

Level 4: Is That a Health Pack?!

This passive will double the healing you receive from Regeneration Globes and the Healing Fountain. This gives you great sustain, as the Healing Fountain now gives you enough regeneration to heal from 1% to 100%. If you take a lot of damage in a fight, just head to the Fountain and reengage the enemy.

Level 7: Spatial Echo

This gives you even better escape a HUGE outplay potential. Just Blink away from your enemy a few times, use to get behind his (or her) back and use your new Blink charges to get into safety while your enemy is confused. Works even better when the enemy has little mobility.

Level 10: Pulse Rounds

This talent is a must-have in my opinion. It gives you Ultimate a higher range and thus makes it far easier to hit. The faster charge allows you to get your bombs up in nearly no time, which is great for longer fights. If you use Pulse Bomb at the beginning, it will be up again before the fight ends. You will deal far more damage throughout the whole game, and missing it once or twice won't affect you too much.

Level 13: Leeching Rounds

Leeching Rounds basically gives you 20% lifesteal against enemy heroes. This will be enough to win you some one-vs-one's that you would have lost without it. It's no must-have, so if you feel that is better for your playstyle, choose this one.
Ricochet can be used in some special cases too. If you play against cloaked/stealthed Heroes like Nova or Zeratul, Ricochet can reveal them with its passive chance to hit a nearby heroe, which includes cloaked ones. (Thanks to Goth Falcon for that addition)

Level 16: Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand reduces your reload time by 50%. This passive makes you effectively deal 20% more damage per second. It gives you more burst and synergizes well with Leeching Rounds and Pulse Rounds, which will make your Pulse Bomb charge even faster. Just spam your Ultimate during fights and bomb the enemy out of the Nexus.

Level 20: Total Recall

What could be better than traveling back in time to escape your enemy? Traveling back in time and at the same time restoring all the health you lost! If you are about to die, just recall and come back with a full health bar, ready to finish off the enemy. Slipstream (from Level 1) allows you to travel back even further, restoring even more health! Get Stuffed! and Composition B are also an option, but I don't really like them.

I hope you enjoyed my guide. Stay tuned for updates, a full talent breakdown is coming soon.

Remember that I'm not perfect, and that my opinion doesn't mean that everyone else is wrong.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments and help me to improve my guide. I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes, I am going to correct them ASAP.

Change log:
05/28/2016: Reached 50k views!

05/12/2016: Reached 25k views!

04/29/2016: Reached 10k views!

04/27/2016: Updated Talent Level 13 (Ricochet) and Threats

04/23/2016: Added Talent Breakdown and Threats

04/20/2016: First release

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