Tracer - Lane is all Clear by teddified

Tracer - Lane is all Clear

By: teddified
Last Updated: Apr 25, 2016
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Hi Guys,

this is teddified with a new build for our beloved Tracer from Overwatch!
If you want to watch me Play just come by have a good time, leave a like and subscribe.

This build is focused around clearing waves much more effectively with a Character who is otherwise not good at doing so.

Slipstream - Level 1
Even though we are going for an Sleight of Hand build which supports a good amount of reducing our cooldowns we still don't use Pulse Strike . The main reason behind this is that Recall is the best "get out of sticky situations"-button, so reducing the cooldown with Slipstram is nearly essential. Would Pulse Stike give us more than that 5% increase on Pulse Bomb we might consider it but the upgrade is just not too impactful.

Untouchable - Level 4
Untouchable is the best option for every build as long as you are comfortable in your Skills to stay alive. Otherwise go for Parting Gift and consider Is that a Health Pack?! if you dont have Support on your Team.

Bullet Time - Level 7
Bullet Time always seems to be a choice which emphasize you to go into Sleight of Hand on 16. For this Build to clear lanes and keep our Blinks always off cooldown is important so you can be more aggressive with your pushes. You can easily stay in lane against just one opponent maybe even two when you keep moving and take your chances to Blink in Melee and Blink out again (After 13!).

Pulse Rounds - Level 10
The talent Pulse Rounds is paying off alot against assassin heavy opponents where you need the extra range and have it ready in almost every fight to burst the backline. Also Pulse Rounds combos very well with Sleight of Hand .

Bullet Spray - Level 13
Bullet Spray is the only tool for us to clear waves effectivly with Tracer. It also gives a nice Damage boost when you have a hard time to land your Melee and punishes clumbed up groups a lot.

Sleight of Hand - Level 16
I'm not a huge fan of Sleight of Hand most of the time because in most cases you have to go for the pay off talents as well (Bullet Time and Pulse Rounds) but if you go for those you get a smooth playstyle with Tracer. Sleight of Hand is at its strongest when you can stay fairly close to your opponents and get that Damage in. When you feel that they dont bother with you because you are hard to catch this can even be the best choice on 16.

Composition B - Level 20
On this Talent tier Total Recall is the most attractive choice for most builds. Total Recall works well with Slipstream and is all in all just a very good tool in Tracers arsenal. When you want to change something up a little bit go for Composition B when you see your enemies stick together a lot. This Talent profits a lot from this build due to the very short cooldown on Pulse Bomb .

This Build is the smoothest go to build in my experience and makes a lot of Fun. Bullet stray can be your best friend when your team struggles against a heavy push team composition. When you try to maximize your Damage try to look for good and greedy spots to land your Bullet Spray in groups of enimies and blink out immidiatly.

If you want to watch me Play just come by have a good time, leave a like and subscribe.

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