Johanna - Blessed Shield! Tank/Regen/High XP contribution by thetoul

Johanna - Blessed Shield! Tank/Regen/High XP contribution

By: thetoul
Last Updated: Jun 4, 2015
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Please note that the crusader is a tank class and not intended to be the damage dealer class like most others. This is just what I use and I consider it a very good all around build that is perfect for not only tanking but XP farming and hunting mercenary camps, but that is just my humble opinion.

Tier 1
Knight takes Pawn - On large minion based maps. This damage alone can easily put you at the (if not near) top of the XP contributed and siege damage chart.
Regeneration Master - On small close quarters maps where there is a lot of burst and less down time.

Tier 2
Laws of Hope - Yes. lifesaver. Tank it all.

Tier 3
Battle Momentum - This is amazing.
All cool downs reduced by .5 seconds every attack? Yes please.

Tier 4
Blessed Shield - Yes it lacks the awesomeness and mobility of Falling Sword, but In a team fight this stun is basically an instant kill on at least 1 hero (or more if used on healers) which is amazing and can turn the tide of battle. Plus it makes you feel better for taking Indestructible at level 20. The only problem with this talent is the chain goes after minions too. But nonetheless a well timed and placed blessed shield will be worth it.

Tier 5
I like Burning Rage but if you feel you are up against heroes that like to escape Subdue is always nice.

Tier 6
There are 3 contenders here.
Holy renewal - Basically used on cool down anyways, adding a quick heal + blind will give you an extra second or two to kite, kill, chase whatever you need to do to get an enemy hero down.

Fanaticism is very nice for kiting enemies so your team can take them down, but I find that most people don't go after the crusader right away so this is usually just a flee for your life talent.

Imposing Presence - very nice but doesn't exactly save you from what ends up killing you.

Tier 7
Indestructible - A second chance. Everything is right with this talent.

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