Johanna GOD 15-5 HL with this build by novarama

Johanna GOD 15-5 HL with this build

By: novarama
Last Updated: Sep 12, 2015
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15-5 in HL with this build Top

This is basically a hybrid build. It allows for a lot of survivability but also a nice little kick of dps to help with dps. it is also a very good wave clear build so you can potentially solo lane if possible. but also very good double laning with someone.

I can easily win games and not die once. usually no more than 2 deaths.

good on any map. dont be afraid to go back and heal often. not dying and healing up is almost always best if your low on mana. your worthless without mana.

use iron skin often, but make sure its up for team fights. obvious combos are:

condemn -> shield glare -> punish

Blessed Shield -> condemn -> shield glare -> punish

(in certain situations if the enemy is already surrounding you):
Condemn -> Blessed shield -> shield glare -> punish

this combo alows you to stack enemy heros, and slow them. generally making easy pickings if you dps is on point.

youre really trying to stack up the enemies as best you can for you team to bring them down with aoe and other dps you have lots of cc and slow ability to set em up while you team knocks em down.

dont be too reckless, get in, get out, get in get out.

dont chase and get baited

if you play it right and time your abilities well, you will absolutely devastate the enemy team setting multi kills for your team all the time.

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