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After playing Johanna for about 40 games now I am seeing slightly different approaches to her I would like to give you my thoughts and opinions and I hope this will inform you and help you decide how you want to take her forward and be a good player with her.

Talent levels Top

My approach to talents is slightly different to what I have been seeing in my games my reasoning for taking the talent Knight takes Pawn at level 1 is simply this if you play against a specialist who is pushing your lane hard you can bunch up the minions and give them a long duration stun followed by the Sins Exposed spell to stop them doing any basic damage for a huge 8 second duration if used right.
The second choice talent I take to combine with the Iron skin ability to give you reasonable sustain which later is increased.
The third choice talent I personally use to give some extra damage for allies to deal but also in conjunction with your condemn ability on camps really helps you take camps early and take objectives quicker.
The fourth choice Talent is one of the hard choices because both have very good uses but my reason for choosing Fallen sword is based on the fact that if you need to hit a back line more vulnerable target or you need to reposition yourself if you get in a tight spot it can be used much more effectively than the other option Blessed shield.
The fifth choice talent for me has to be Hold Your Ground and my reasoning for this is simple it increases your survivability in fights but also reduces the abilities cool down in longer lasting brawls.
The last two talents you have to decide on 2 options in my opinion if you are struggling for healing in your teams composition I recommend Holy renewal because it gives a surprising amount of healing if correctly used but if you have some good healing on your team you could also choose Fanaticism to give you greater mobility during team fights.
The final talent for me is really tough all I will say is if you are winning team fights consistently I enjoy Heavens Fury it does a lot of single target damage but if your team are struggling and you need the durability I would also recommend Indestructible because its awesome O_O

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