Johanna: Self-Sustain with some Damage by LuftFeuer

Johanna: Self-Sustain with some Damage

By: LuftFeuer
Last Updated: Jun 19, 2015
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Build: Pain Train

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Intro to Me Top

Just To start off I'm no pro player, so if you want someone who is a veteran of mobas to give spec advice I'm not the one. Though those of you willing to stay a while and entertain my build you may find it to be interesting and descent.

Explanation of the Talents Top

This is a bit of an ability spam build that allows the player to run around pretty much keeping themselves alive while at the same time doing some decent damage and CC.

Level 1: I go with Righteous Smash as kind of the bread and butter of this build because if you start to get low on mana you can just you well placed punishes on minion waves to start gaining mana, Punish cost 40 mana so all you have to do is hit a minimum of 5 enemy anythings and you'll get mana.

Level 4: I go with Laws of Hope because the passive region boost on top of the mana recovery from the previous talent helps keep you in lane, and to add the active heal makes it 10 times better. Though don't get me wrong you'll still have to go tap the fountain every now and again.

Level 7: I go with Battle Momentum so really bring home the spam, Johanna has great CC and I love to abuse it, with Battle Momentum it becomes pretty obvious as how to do it.

Level 10: I tend to go with Falling Sword for the heroic since it's a great gap closer and initiator, but it's still interchangeable in this build with Blessed Shield incase you need to stun annoying opponents. For example a Li Li's Cup of 1,000 Never Dies.

Level 13: I Like to go with Subdue because it makes it harder for your opponents to get away from your ability spams so you can just keep bringing them in with the Condemn Punish Combo.

Level 17: I Like Blessed Hammer because it's a pretty nice just all around talent to keep the pressure on running opponents, but I played around with Holy Renewal and I can't say there's much of a downside to choosing either, so take a little innovation and figure out which you'd prefer in this slot.

Level 20: Indestructible is really just the greatest survival tool ever, it allows you to keep chasing even if you're low and lets you get away if you need to.

I hope you enjoy the build and get plenty of kills in the Nexus!

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