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By: Phadreus
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2015
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Overview Top

The focus of this build is on staying in battle as long as possible by constant self healing and use of Iron Skin. While this build doesn't provide much punch for Johanna, she being present and alive for every team fight outweighs her lack of burst. Ive found this build lends to having the highest team xp even on teams with specialist, due to just always being the lanes and team fights just constantly ah ah ah ah staying alive, staying alive.

Tier 1- Regen Master Top

An absolute must to this build. Since the build is tied to hardly ever needing to Hearthstone, I have found collecting globes is easier with this build then in other heroes that I use it.

Tier 2- Laws of Hope Top

Paired with regen master, by the end of regular length games Johanna is regenerating close to 100 health per second. Plus in critical situations the burst healing comes in very handy, especially if hit the same time as Iron Skin. You can get out of most situations due to being unstoppable and having an instant burst of health.

Tier 3- The Crusade Marches On Top

I have gone back and forth between this and battle momentum, but have found that to Iron Skin is the best chance to stay alive the longest, especially in tight situations (see Laws of Hope)

Tier 4- Falling Sword Top

Both heroic abilities pair well with this build, but the ability to be used purely as an escape, if necessary, gives the edge to falling sword.

Tier 5- Hold Your Ground Top

Obvious choice with this build. Both increases the strength of Iron Skin as well as reducing the cooldown if the shield is destroyed by damage, making its somewhat spammable in long team fights.

Tier 6- Holy Renewal Top

With the focus purely on staying in battle, the health burst can be very high for this ability if constantly paired with condemn allowing you to hit multiple heroes each time. A successful hit on 4 heroes heals for almost 900 health at level 16.

Tier 7- Indestructible Top

Depending on the level disparity when reaching level 20, storm shield is also a fine choice. With a focus purely on staying alive, indestructible is a potential game changer. It allows time for the cooldowns on laws of hope, Iron Skin, shield glare, or any nearby healers to be able to extend your life as you flee. Not every situation will result in you getting away, but this is without a doubt the best build to give you that chance.

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