Johanna, tanking as she should be... by Draigankaii

Johanna, tanking as she should be...

By: Draigankaii
Last Updated: Jun 10, 2015
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Threats to Johanna with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Valla Not much of a threat early game
Jaina Just stay out of circle and "E" often and you should have no problem here.
Diablo "D" makes all of his stuns obsolete.
Tyrande Early game you can push her lane easily
Tychus "w" his overkill and he basically just aa's
  No Threat
Li Li
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat

Intro Top

This is my first guide on this site, so hopefully it is useful to at least someone out there. And in addition it will be very simple and not flashy, just good ole useful knowledge. A little about myself (as if anyone cares) I have been playing games ever since I can remember, even played competitively on a few. Been playing since Beta on HoTS and loved it ever since. I play a variety of classes, but mainly tank and specialist/dps. I have played my fair share of games with Johanna so far and is by far my favorite tank. Some talents are optional while others aren't. She is a tank and for that reason I went mainly tank build. You whole point to tanking is surviving, so DO IT! On top of that, with a tanky build like this, you don't really do too much damage. So 1 vs 1 is almost moot, they can't kill you and it's hard to kill them. So, stick to your team and survive.

Early Game Top

Poke, push, and bully! You are hard to kill, so use that to your advantage. Let them know who is boss with your great survivability. You want to blind from far if they are range, pull them in and slow them down from there. Only reason I blind first here is after you pull them in they will run so while you are using "w" they will be attacking until it goes off. That is when you hit "q" and chase (not too deep). If it is melee, you want to draw them and all the minions up close. That .25 second stun yet short lets your minions get a free attack on them. Proceed with a "e" so your enemy minions do less damage against your minions and to get that little advantage, in turn you could level up before your team does. Just stay in your lane and prove to them that your name is paved on that lane, and therefor it is yours. Remember, roamers and gangkers can come out of no where so watch how hard you push, just make them afraid of you and wait for a teammate for the finishing kill.

Tanlents Top

Lvl 1)"knight takes pawn" is where I like to go nowa days, it helps get that push early game and sky rockets your siege damage. Other people get scared when you stun their minions for 4 seconds and with someone helping you out, you can get the enemy minions down pretty quickly.

Lvl 4) Laws of hope: I have played around with all the talents here and this by far is my favorite, whether it be for a top off on life or that chase where all 5 enemies are chasing you and you pop that and it saves your life.
"Amplified healing" is also a good choice if for some reason you have 2 supports (very rare). Happened to me and this talent was awesome for it.
But overall the 20% heal does a man right in his time of need.

Lvl 7) The crusade Marches on) You didn't pick this? Are you trying to DPS? Then you are doing it wrong.... Johanna can try to dps all she wants but she will never top someone like Stitches in Dps.
"Battle Momentum" Another viable talent but like I said, she is not a dps and that is what cooldown is lowered with this talent. Her "D" key is not and that is where your survivability comes from. The other moves be it useful will probably not save your life near as much as "D"

Lvl 10) Blessed Shield) Again let me as, (clears throat) "Are you dpsing" Then you are doing it wrong. Ever played WoW? The paladins (tank spec) final talent was a similar move, the stun is outstanding and the damage is helpful. But that stun!!! It has helped me get kills while chasing or run in stun and kill half their team. If you aren't picking this talent you are trying to dps and therefor "doing it wrong"

Lvl 13 Hold your ground) WHAT?!?!!? Increase my survivability and decrease the cooldown! You have to be kidding me, this talent is godly. If you take less damage then you survive longer. If you survive longer then you die less, if you die less then you have done your job as a tank. GG.
Spell shield is also viable, but mitigate some damage or all that crosses your path? "I choose the second one captain!" "You have done well then my son" The captain replied.

Lvl 16 Imposing Presence) I know, I know you're like "BUT HEY THERE ARE 2 TANKING TALENTS HERE! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!" Well my young friend, the answer is simple, are you facing Illidan, Nova, Zeratful, or another person who uses auto attacks as their main source of dps? Then BOOM you ahve your answer, take their dps down to half! (not literally half)But you get the point, take the "Holy Renewal" if you need it, if not go for imposing Presence.

Lvl 20 Indestructible) You don't die when you die?!?!?! Is there really another choice here. I believe lvl 20 should only have this talent and no others so no one picks another one of those useless talents. When a tank dies, the rest of the squishys are very open to die, when you die and then don't die then you are invincible and a baller J holler.

Outro Top

I joked a lot in this guide, and all those jokes aside Johanna is a tank that never dies... Is that boring? At times yes, but that is your roll... to survive. Ever played a game where the tank is EXTRA fun? Not really but you do your role and you do it well. I like Johanna and I like that I can go whole games without dying while still making a few mistakes. She is amazing if done right and as long as you do your job. Like I said this guide is not flashy, has jokes and gets right down to business. And has quite a few grammatical and the sentence structure is on the level of a 5th grader but you get the point, right? I hope this guide helps and I will be updating at some point to know who to watch out for and what not.

PS. Lili as a dps will out lane you until lvl 10 or so. It's so rare that it is comical. But Goodluck and have guys and gals.

PPS. I will be updating this periodically, let me know what you think.

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