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Jungler Murky

By: Xexanoth
Last Updated: Mar 30, 2015
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Threats to Murky with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
E.T.C. Can't so piss all to you. Wont be able to counter-push your lane.
Arthas Another one who can't do piss all to you, and won't be able to counter-push your lane.
  No Threat
Illidan Can't do much to you if you use your bubble when he engages. After level 10, with practice, you can 100-0 him whenever you like. But can still be dangerous if he's awake.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Gazlowe Your biggest counter for the jungler build. You'll spend most of your time in competition for siege camps with him. But can't do very much to kill you if you're smart.
  No Threat
Tychus Killable if you're good, but if he uses Q once your bubble wears off, you're done for. Also laser....
  No Threat
Nova A good nova will keep you down the entire game. A smart murky will also assassinate her whenever he sees her.
Falstad Will kill you with his E once your bubble wears off. Nothing you can do about it either.
Zagara Not only can kill you pretty easily, but can also counter-push your lane pretty badly, too. Always get help against Zagara.

The Idea Top

We're going to be playing Murky much in the same way you would play a Jungler in other MOBA games. While we will be pushing the lane, we'll also be keeping an eye on siege camps, memorising their spawn times, and keeping mercs in the lane as often as we possibly can.

The Build Top

We take bribe to increase our ability to take siege camps before level 13. It's still possible to take siege camps before level 13, but you're going to really struggle. Bribe helps this a lot.

Living the Dream
Increases ability power the longer you stay alive. Increases overall damage for taking siege camps and pushing the lane.

Slime Advantage
We take this to increase our basic attack damage, and increase our consistent damage to both heroes and mercy.

Octo Grab is our bread and butter tool for counter-jungling heroes, as well as catching squishies offguard. It also enables us to be able to help in team fights if the team is behind by pinning down key heroes for the team.

Wrath of Cod and Slimy Pufferfish
Both increase our damage to mercs as well as give us powerful wave clear in the lane.

It's tempting to take ...And a Shark Too but really, two pufferfish and an octo grab is going to kill anyone. Rewind also helps us be able to take bosses better, zone the endgame fights, clear camps and waves quicker, and is generally all round the best option for this build.

Early Game Top

Between Levels 1-6 we're going to be laning pretty relaxedly. The trick here is to find the lane with the easiest hero to push against. This may mean you must swap lanes. Objectives should usually be ignored in favour of pushing gates and forts and building pressure.

When you get your first stack of Bribe then you should always get the enemy siege giant if it's safe to do so, or your siege giants if you're not able to.

Mid-Game Top

By about level 6 onwards you'll be able to take most camps pretty easily. Knights do a lot of damage, so you'll need two stacks of bribe before you take them on. After level 13 this becomes less and less of a problem.

By now you should be keeping an eye on siege camps. When all siege camps are on cooldown, you'll be pushing the lane that's most farthest along. Usually this is the lane you started in. They'll sometimes send an assassin to kill you but, honestly, after level 10 you can kill most of them with a pufferfish-octo combo.

My preferred combo is Q, Basic attacks, E, wait 2 seconds,W+R. This will kill pretty much any assassin. But it does take practice to get it right. It's not easy, I'm not kidding you.

Late Game Top

Late Game starts at about level 16 onwards for Murky. By now you'll not only be keeping all the camps up and pushing the lane, but also going toe-to-toe in team fights wherever possible to do so without sacrificing a siege camp.

Your job in a team fight is to pin down the hero giving the team the most difficulty. This can be the healer, the DPS or the tank. With your pufferfish and octo combo, your team should be able to take down any hero in no time at all despite the 'don't focus the tank' motif most games have. The trick here is to make the team fight 4v4 so you can go back to the lane or camps.

End Game Top

This will be, basically, when your team is pushing for the core. You'll be level 20+ by the time this happens, ideally. All siege camps will be in the lanes. Your job here is to either kill any squishes that go out of position using two-puffer-octo combo (3k damage and a slime = dead) or using rewind+puffer to spread out damage in a concentrated teamfight/zone the enemy to places they don't want to be.

Conclusion Top

I'm no pro, but so far I've climbed ten ranks just using Murky and this particular build/tactic. Even when my team has been convinced we'll lose, we've still won.

One particular memorable game involved winning using only minions and mercs. nine full waves of minions+all merc camps can get pretty difficult to stop for the enemy. My team hadn't realised this so wtf's were had by all.

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