Keep calm, and Tracer on. by Namex

Keep calm, and Tracer on.

By: Namex
Last Updated: Jul 12, 2016
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Build: Universal one.

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Threats to Tracer with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Valla Hers basic attack dmg is very deadly for Tracer, same goes towards W.
Li Li Her blind is very annoying, you might get killed becouse of that.
Nova You can't do anything to her while shes cloacked. Unless you have a bomb rdy.
Zeratul Same as with Nova.
Sylvanas Hers mind control ult, can end your demise quickly.
Lunara Can kill you with hers poison. Dont attack when you have less than 3/4 hp.
  No Threat
Kael'thas He can stun you, and you cannot disable his guided ultimate fireball.
Illidan He can ignore yours basic attacks, and use haunt you.
  No Threat

Explanation of perks, and their use. Top

Slipstream is obvious.
Health pack one is pure sustain, with it you get full health regen from fountains, and 1/4 from globes.
Other two perks from Tier 2 are pretty useless. You can get Untouchable, but it's high risk, high reward one. Only usefull when your team is decent.
Bullet time
Tracer is staying alive thx to that blinking of hers. With that perk you will have charge or two all the time. Tested other two, it's best perk from those three.
Pulse Rounds
Bigger throw range, helps a lot. Also you get a bomb twice as fast if you attack heroes.
You can also take Quantum Spike but it will force you to get closer to enemy, which is very risky for her.
Leeching Rounds
Very good sustaining skill, it heals you for 14hp per hit, and you have 20hits which is 280 per mag.
You can also choose Bullet Spray, will help you a lot in clearing whole packs of mobs, or hitting enemy heroes from a safer distances, and also load your ult faster.
Sleight of Hand
Best in kind. More dmg, and speed just what Tracer needs. Never ever take Focus Fire that one bullet dealing 100+hp is ****. You will be forced to run all the time with less than half a mag.
Locked and Loaded is much better compared to Focus, but it requires constant pressing of reloading.
And finally Total Recall
IT'S A MUST, you absolutly must have that perk on her. With it you just jump in the middle of enemy team, stick bomb to their squishy hero, melle someone and recall. You will have all lost hp back, and will be rdy to strike again.

How to keep calm and Tracer on. Top

First don't click right button all the time like a ******. Just pick a target, click and hold right mouse button and move it in the direction you want Lena to go.
She will fire and choose targets by herself, while you can keep on moving, and looking on enemy team.
In the team fights, use your bloody Blinks to get past tanks, skill shots, and get close to enemy assassins/specialists/supports, you leve warriors for a dessert.

It looks something like this, you go with your team or flank, blink to get in close on most separeted enemy hero, you melle it, if you have a bomb you stick it up its arse, and if other enemy heroes are starting to attack you, you just recall, if not just spray and pray(REMEMBER CLICK ONCE ON HIM AND THEN JUST HOLD RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON).

You need to be carefull, with Kael, Illidian, Lili. They can be very annoying for you.
Tracer is useles in solo merc capping, so you do that only with a team.

Ealry, mid, and late game with her is almost same. Becasue your job is to get enemy low hp heroes.

She is great on all maps.

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