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Kharazim Complete Build Guide

By: FullMetalJesus
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2015
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Build: Kharazim Rounded

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Kharazim (Well rounded) Top

Preface: Kharazim is a great, very capable and flexible healer. I typically have no problems putting LiLi or Malfurion to shame in hp total healed at the end of a game. With that said, HE IS, in my opinion, THE ONLY HEALER IN THE GAME THAT REQUIRES A DIFFERENT BUILD EVERY MATCH. You should build him 100% in reaction to your team composition, and in reaction to the enemy team composition. Notice your team is to slow to jungle? build to solo them a bit(sparingly). Notice your team is pro? GO 100% FULL HEAL BUILD. Notice the other team is using a Zaratul/Nova? Build for clairvoyance effects. Notice the enemy team is CC heavy? Build for cleansing...etc.


lvl 4: HEALING WARD [preferred]. -It's best to pile on heals for everyone whenever possible.
[Second option: Protective shield] -If you know you have a dive enthusiast tank or assassin on your team, go with protective shield instead of healing ward, and keep it on the dive enthusiast.
[3rd option: Foresight, least preferred] -Foresight is nice for throwing off two cloaking enemy assassins like Zaratul and Nova who try to stalk your ranged Assassin or specialist hanging out in the back of the teamfights. I almost never pick this because it has a tendency to gimp your support abilities and I really only feel its worth getting if a team has 2 cloakers. Besides Clairvoyance is good enough to do the job on most occasions by itself. When I have done it to counter Zaratul and Nova, it has the tendancy to make Nova and Zeratul feed your team, badly. LOL!

lvl 7: ECHO OF HEAVEN [preferred}.- Get it, it's a second aoe heal that pops about 1.5 seconds after you pop your initial heal. Let your teammates know they should hang around you a bit longer if u pick this, it'll make a bigger difference later on, especially if u get Circle of Life.
[Second Option: Cleanse]: -Get this instead of Echo of Heaven if the enemy team is cc focused with stuns slows and roots. CC effective teams will demolish your team unless u get this. get it.
[Third Option: Clairvoyance] -Only get this if the other team has 1 or more cloakers like Nova or Zeratul... else leave it alone.

lvl 10: SEVEN SIDED STRIKE (SSS). -Debate of DIVINE PALM vs. SSS follows below. SSS is an aoe that spreads 7 attacks, doing 7%hp damage per attack, among enemy heroes in the area near kharazim based on hp levels. The fewer the enemies, the more devastating the attack is. single enemey hero: 7 x 7 / 1 = 49% hp damage to a single target. team fight: 7 x 7 / 5 = usually [7% hp to 4 enemies and 21% to one] or [ 14% to 3 enemies, 14% to 2.] see the details of the skill for more info.

lvl 13: QUICKSILVER [preferred] useful for retreats. You can get people out of big pickles during retreats with this and any one of the cleanse effects. Don't underestimate just how useful that is!
[Option 2: Fists of Fury, less preferred] Usefull in killing merc camps and getting treasure chests!

lvl 16: CIRCLE OF LIFE [preferred] -With Echo of Heaven, team heals now do 90% more healing!
[Option 2: Soothing Breeze, equally preferred] -Usefull for clearing stuns roots and holds during escapes or attacks!

lvl 20: STORM SHIELD[super preferred]. -Pop this Mid Team fight, watch the hilarity ensue. Remember, it is an aoe centered on you, so make sure you're in the middle of your team when popping it.
[Second Option: Transgression, super less preferred] -Only get this if your team has trouble finishing fights or you just really really really want to bully people in 1 v 1's. But really, you should just get Storm Shield, because math. 14% hp damage to enemy team vs. 20%hp shielding to teamates. hmmmm.


Divine Palm is better...for when you have a great team, or pro teammates....It also requires you to be Pro as well. If the above conditions are not met, I say go Seven Sided Strike.

I find getting one, or two 1v1 assasinations or near assassinations at lvl 10 using SSS changes the flow of the game...enemy teams will fear Kharazim and try to focus him first instead of the actual dd's/dps-ers in team battles...use this to your advantage in team strategy. Particularly if you can wipe a tank or two, who thinks they're good sitting at 40%hp, once or twice...They tend to become timid. I've personally chased a mid hp tank like Johanna or Muradin off a near death teamate with Kharazim more times than I can count. *It does not work on Leoric*

-DIVINE PALM (DP) prevents the death of a teamate hero if they would normally die within 3 seconds of a cast. Also restores a good chunk of their life. Potential game changing skill when use correctly, on good teamates, else it becomes just a waste. The skill requires you to have a fine-grain handling of Kharaziim, be able to position him somewhere in between your front line in a teamfight and backline of specialist/ranged assassins, without getting yourself focused and burst'd down(which a lot of people will do). It also requires you to pop it on whoever the enemy team is focusing on with almost lightning reflexes(because it tends to be the squishy assassin dd's more often than not, if it isn't you).

-SEVEN-SIDED STRIKE (SSS) allows Kharazim to assassinate in 1 v 1 fights or to cleanup team fights where the enemy team has under 10% hp. The trick is to save it for last and NOT POP IT EARLY FIGHT, or MID FIGHT. ONLY POP IT LATE/END FIGHT OR IF YOU CAN ISOLATE 1 V 1. At the beginning of a teamfight, you notice your team isn't doing well and say your tank or assassin falls, signal a retreat for your team and dive forward on far back enemy like a sargeant hammer or a retreating KaelThas and pop SSS. The enemy team will target you, thus allowing your team to escape, else they risk u murdering their squishy in pursit of your team. Complete team wipes are the worst, do what u can to avoid them. Also, if the enemy team has a cloaker, expect the cloaker to go for you or your ranged dps'er at the back of the fight...saving sss for knocking out the cloaker is always an option.

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