Hobo's Healing Guide to Kharazim "Feel the Wrath of Ytar!" by Hobo

Hobo's Healing Guide to Kharazim "Feel the Wrath of Ytar!"

By: Hobo
Last Updated: Nov 30, 2015
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Build: Main Support Healing w/ Transcendence

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Tyrande Watch her stun!
Muradin Stuns and strong meele heroes are painful! Additionally, Muradin can slow down your attack speed.

Monk Healing in Action Top

About Hobo Top

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Table of Contents Top

Full Hero League Game - 8/18 Top

Abilities Top

Kharazim the monk is an extremely mobile support. He takes some of the best aspects of many current healers in HoTS and mashes them together in a solid toolkit! Through the use of Radiant Dash he can trade quite well in the early game. He also has a very unique trait that will aide him in the support, damage or sustain roles. This guide will be focusing on playing the Monk as the main healing support. This does require you to be in melee range so some skills and abilities are quite essential to ensure you survive the onslaught during team fights.

Traits (Picked at level 1)

Transcendence (Passive)
Every 3rd Basic Attack heals the lowest nearby allied Hero for 46 + 6 per level
Iron Fists (Passive)
Every 3rd Basic Attack deals 100% bonus damage.
Insight (Passive)
Every 3rd Basic Attack restores 12.21 + 0.21 per level Mana.


Radiant Dash (Q)
Mana: 30
Cooldown: 12 seconds, (2) Charges
Jump to an ally or enemy. Enemies are immediately hit with a Basic Attack.
Breath of Heaven (W)
Mana: 60
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Heal nearby Heroes for 130 + 22 per level and give them 10% Movement Speed for 3 seconds.
Deadly Reach (E)
Mana: 50
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Your next Basic Attack increases your Attack Speed and Attack Range by 100% for 2 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

Seven-Sided Strike (Q)
Mana: 77
Cooldown: 50 seconds
Become Invulnerable and strike 7 times over 2 seconds. Each strike hits the highest Health nearby Hero for 7% of their maximum Health.
Divine Palm (Q)
Mana: 60
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Protect an allied Hero from death, causing them to be healed for 600 + 100 per level if they take fatal damage in the next 3 seconds. (1500 @ Lvl 10)

Combo Basics Top

Fist Weaving Combo


You can precast Deadly Reach before jumping to your target via Radiant Dash. This combo can be used to Quickly jump poke to the enemy via Radiant Dash. This skill has two charges! You can jump to the enemy hero, get a full Dealy Reach, then jump back by using Radiant Dash again on an allied hero or minion. Be careful not to spam this ability, since it does cost 30 mana. If you do end up using all of your abilities, during the early game, you will run out of mana, even after tapping the wells.

Auto Attack - Healing Combo


Your Auto Attacks do quite a bit of healing during the increased attack speed of Deadly Reach. You get about 10 Auto Attacks during a default Deadly Reach which in turn is approximately 3 free heals thanks to Transcendence.

Blink Heal


This combo is very similar to Brightwing's Blink Heal. You simply use Radiant Dash to port to a target that needs heals and cast Breath of Heaven when you arrive. It is a very simple idea, but I did not see many monks using this skill defensively for their team healing. Additionally, once you get Echo of Heaven you can blink again to ensure your 2nd heal is hitting your team.

Detailed Talent Build Top

My first impression, for a healing monk, is Transcendence. Your auto attack damage from Deadly Reach, is a significant part of your healing toolkit.

Spreadsheet Link showing healing numbers and Mana Gains

Other Talents

I tend to switch between Overtake and Protective Shield. I feel that both talents are viable for the main healing build.

Overtake - This can help to keep you in range for your auto-attacks during Deadly Reach, which in turn helps your healing. I feel this ability is a bit buggy, and the movement speed increase doesn't always stay up.

Protective Shield - This is a standard choice and it can really help to save one of your allies in the early game!

Other Talents

Echo of Heaven is an awesome talent! 2 Seconds after you activate Breath of Heaven, it fires off again for 50%. This is entirely free healing and you can use Radiant Dash to jump to another target or group for the 2nd heal.

Other Talents

Divine Palm - can sometimes be a tricky heroic to use! You will need to land it on a hero before they are killed, but this effect only lasts for 3 seconds. Timing of it is much like using Rehgar's Ancestral Healing - too early and it isn't effective, too late and your allied hero is dead before you get the cast off. Still, once you master landing this skill, it can change the tide of a fight! Once the hero dies, they will go into a statis and get a large heal (typically above 50% life).

Seven-Sided Strike - The invulnerability and damage from this talent are actually fairly good. 7% x 7 times on a single target is a huge amount of health! The only issue with this talent is that it is spread among all heroes in range. Additionally, it is terribly easy for the enemy to simply walk out of the circle and take minimal damage.

For a healing monk, Divine Palm is the best choice.

Quicksilver - This gives your Radiant Dash a 30% movement bonus to you and the ally. This is a great tool for escaping and chasing.

Fists of Fury - I choose this skill more often as it adds One second to Deadly Reach and this gives a bit more healing from Auto-Attacks as it extends the range buff/attack speed buff.

Other Talents

Soothing Breeze - This is a very strong talent. It essentially gives your team am AoE Cleanse from Silences, Blinds, Slows and Roots! This is a great default choice as it help your team against so many CC oriented heroes. The only thing it does not remove is stuns. Also note that if your are silenced, you cannot use Breath of Heaven to remove it. Avoid the Wailing Arrow from a Slyvanas and Radiant Dash + Breath of Heaven for an immediate cleanse! It is a crazy combo and usually takes the other team by surprise.

Other Talents

Peaceful Repose - This is a very strong talent. Quite a few times during games, as soon as I cast Divine Palm on a hero that is close to death, the enemy team would simply switch targets. If the death did not occur to activate Divine Palm, then the cooldown is instantly reset 5 seconds! This is a strong choice while you are learning to use Diving Palm. I think this will be less effective at higher levels of play.

Storm Shield - This is always a great talent as the main support. It provides a large sheild for your entire team (within range). This talent can sway the scale in your favor in team fights.

Early Game Top

Early Game



Transcendence is extremely powerful for the early game sustain. You get around 20% health from 12 auto attacks! The most important part of the early game is to manage your mana and try to heal through Transcendence, rather than spamming your abilities.

To manage your mana early, be sure that you are full when the objectives on the map are due. Use the wells and hearthstone! As long as you are not spamming abilities during the lane phase, you shouldn't have any mana issues. Additionally, be sure to start using some of your combos (listed above).

Echo of Heaven and Protective Shield are quite powerful and give you a great early game.

Mid Game Top

Early Game



Transcendence is still just as powerful as it was in the early game. Continue to abuse your auto-attacks for free sustain! During the mid-game, your mana can be tight. Make sure that you are still managing this through tapping and backing when you have a few seconds to do so. One important thing to mention is use Radiant Dash sparingly, especially while in a lane. It is more important to manage your mana, than it is to poke the other hero with a little amount of damage.

During team fights, be sure to be in melee range of something! You can often get in range of a melee assassin going after your back line or you can find a tank to beat on for some free healing. Be sure that you are aware of your positioning as your healing range of Breath of Heaven isn't huge. You also do not want to overextend and put yourself in a place where you could get stunned or CCed.

Divine Palm - is an outstanding ability, and you must learn timing and precision to effectively use it. If you cast it to early, your target will not die in the 3 seconds of the effect. You need to cast it when your target is near an absolute death, but you must not cast it too late as you might miss landing it! Using Radiant Dash + Divine Palm, solves the short range issue of palm, you can dive in an save someone, then use Radiant Dash to retreat to safety.

Late Game Top


Change Log Top

8/10/2015: Initial Version Created
8/12/2015: Published
8/18/2015: Prep for monk going live, added content and formatting.

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