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Last Updated: Oct 7, 2015
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Build: Lazerdan

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General Strat Top

This Lazerdan Build is built around, you guessed it, Lazering and pushing all day. I generally do this build in 2 tank 1 healer, 1 dps comps where your team can fight but you have the freedom to push and punish when they don't pay attention. A few notes on play style when running this build.

Your first talent point increases your lazer dmg vs structures, which translates into 5-10 seconds to destroy a tower with even just a few creeps to tank for you.

General of Hell is GLOBAL

. GLOBAL. Remember what I just said about punishing teams that don't pay attention? If you get the entire opposing to commit to 1, maybe 2 lanes (map depending) you can Demonic General the farthest lane away, and with its low mana cost andrelatively short cooldown you can use it to push lanes from accross the map while you're still teamfighting.

Lazer will Open the chests on blackheart bay extrememly fast.

Ult Choice

, this is where you can really make a decision with this build. If you are in a pickup game and your team isn't very coordinated, get demonic invasion, it gives you lots of creeps on the ground that you can use general of hell on if you are in a big team fight, every little bit of damage helps right? I've tried both ults and Demonic invasion just works better for my play style and what you are trying to do with this build, which is push push push.

Lazer targeting

. When using your lazer, obviously with so many talent points going into buffing your lazer you know that this build is going to require using it on who and when it's apprpriate.
Example, there are 3-4 heroes top lane and you are pushing the bottom lane, an enemy hero shows up. Based on whether that hero has an ability that will interrupt you or not is going to decide your next move. If they cannot interrupt you and all they can do is directly damage you, lazer the structure. This is justified because your lazer heals you for 15% of the damage dealt. Why would you lazer down a hero and only get 15% of 100% damage when you can get 15% of 125% damage. This coupled with Azmodans generally large health pool allows him to face tank the hero attacking him and still destroy the objective efficiently.

Inversely if you encounter a hero that has an interrupt or maybe a hero that actually has enough damage to kill you, your are going to have to bait out their interrupt. This can usually be achieved by Dunking them, spawning your minions or just right clicking them back. As soon as their interrupting skills are on cooldown you can begin lazering the hero. It is imperative that your lazer not be on cooldown when their interrupts are on cooldown. The entire point of baiting out the Interrupt is to begin lazering on your terms.

Another great thing to target with the lazer are bosses, and large minions. You can lazer merc camps globing the camp plus spawning your minions is more effective and more efficient. Having the 5th charge level for Bosses and all of the large minions is invaluable as you can do so much damage with a decent level of safety very quickly, especially once you can move while channeling lazer.


. Having this much damage in a channel skills requires patience in team fights and a little bit of luck as well. I find throwing both of your minions out and using a general inside the fight on your ulti or using the general to push a lane while fighting are both effective and require on the spot judgement to be useful. Generally your lazer will do enough damage to a tanky hero to force their healer or healers to focus them. This momentary time when the healer is forced to use cooldowns on their tank is giving your team time to dps down their healer or their dps as they usually wont be receiving any healing while their tank is dying. Also on that note their tank is the one that will generally be near your team in range of your teams abilities, giving you time to get up to the 5th charge level and really belt out some damage. Of course that is very conditional on the skill of the healer, and if they have more than 1 support. A great target to lazer in most fights is SGT Hammer after it is known that she has used her rockets to escape as she will be forced to eat a lot of lazer damage while she exits seige mode or she will try to out DPS you, in which case if you have March of Sin you can creep towards them, thus reducing their damage giving you the advantage. Be careful though as he may use her knockback, but generally it will be on cooldown as she will use her knockback before using her rockets to escape. Bad targets are butcher and Tyrande. If you are playing vs a Tyrande you will watch to watch and make sure she has used her stun before you begin lazering.

In Summary
In conclusion this build is really about taking objective all over the map whenever possible and assisting in the team fights while maintaining pressure on all lanes whenever possible by having all of your abilities on cooldown except for lazer to use in a team fight or to quickly take a tower. If your able execute this general strategy you should be able to 150K+ seige damage and have about 15-20K experience contributed making you invaluable to your team.

Also dont forget to shoot 2 free Orbs at the beginning of the game on their towers. Enjoy :)

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