Li Li and the Panda Bear Basics by Catsarah

Li Li and the Panda Bear Basics

By: Catsarah
Last Updated: Jul 31, 2015
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Li Li

Build: Panda Bear Basics Build

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Introduction - Panda Bear Basics Build Top

Hi I'm Catsarah, and this is my basic Li Li build that I run in most games unless a team has massive stuns or my team requires extra healing. This build is literally the panda bear basics, it provides the ability for lots of mana regeneration to provide even more (Q) Healing Brew as well as packing a powerful punch with your (E) Blinding Wind.

Role - Talents Top

Who is Li Li?

Li Li is an adorable and super ambitious panda who is always "Ready for an Adventure!" Li Li is a very easy to learn SUPPORT character that will not only heal to her hearts content as a great sustain character but also pack quite the unexpected punch with her blinding wind and cloud serpent.

Primary Talents

(Q) Healing Brew
30 Mana
Cooldown: 3 seconds
Heal lowest Health ally (prioritizing Heroes) for 70 health.

(W) Cloud Serpent
30 Mana
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Summons a cloud Serpent on an allied Hero that automatically attacks nearby enemies for 20 damage. Heroes can only have 1 serpent at a time. 8 second duration.

(E) Blinding Wind
40 Mana
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Throw a cloud of Blinding wind at the nearest 2 enemies (prioritizing heroes) dealing 30 damage. Targets miss all of their basic attacks in the next 2 seconds.

Heroic Talents

(R) Jugs of 1,000 Cups
100 Mana
Cooldown: 70 seconds
Rapidly tosses brew to the most injured nearby allies, prioritizing Heroes, restoring a total of 480 Health over 6 seconds.
(R) Water Dragon
100 Mana
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Summon a Water Dragon that after a delay hits the nearest Enemy Hero and all enemies near them, dealing damage 140 and slowing their Movement Speed by 70% for 4 seconds.


Upon taking damage Li Li gains movement speed.

Level 1 Top

Conjurer's Pursuit

This is my go-to for most of my builds due to the fact that I use a great deal of my mana in short period of time and enjoy spamming my (Q)Healing Brew. Conjurer's Pursuit increases Mana Regeneration permanently for every regeneration globe collected by 0.1 per second. This is extremely key when being a self-sustaining character as well as supporting your fellow comrades. There is a reason people say, "Mash Q" and "Q to win" because Li Li's cooldown for healing brew is extremely low but requires a great deal of mana to constantly use it.

Level 4 Top

Mass Vortex

Although Li Li primarily uses her (Q)Healing Brew to support fellow heroes. She does packed a very powerful punch using her (E) Blinding Wind. Mass Vortex brings the number of targets it hits from 2 to 4, which means double the fun! Not only does this help clear minion waves but (E) Blinding Wind also can be yours or your team members life saver as well as a great way to bring a finishing blow to your enemy when they are low on health.

TIP: Blinding Wind can travel past enemy gates and subsequently kill your enemies when they believe they are safe from your wrath. I've gotten several take downs using this move.

Level 7 Top

Pitch Perfect

Now, this should not be confused with the amazing movies that feature some awesome A Capella singers as this panda does not sing. Since we've now established this and rid any confusion, pitch perfect is another amazing talent to pick when you are indeed an incessant mana user. Since (Q)Healing Brew is one of the most used primary talents for Li Li it is important to stay replenished in your mana. Pitch Perfect allows Li Li to cast Healing Brew for 10 less mana for 6 seconds after your first initial cast. Keep in mind this does not stack. When Q smashing every bit of mana counts!

Level 10 Top

Jug of 1,000 Cups

IT'S ULTIMATE TIME! This is my obvious go-to for Li Li as her panda bear basics build due to her primary role as being a self-sustaining and support hero. What this ability does is rapidly toss brews to the most injured nearby allies, prioritizing Heroes, and restoring Health over 6 seconds. This is a rather large AoE that puts you, Li Li, in the center of the ability. You are able to move around freely while healing your allies at a very rapid pace.

TIP: This heroic ability can be stunned out and you are also vulnerable to attacks, as you are unable to do anything but heal and run for those 6 seconds. So use your ultimate wisely, my friends!

Level 13 Top

Surging Winds

As stated earlier in the guide, your (E) Blinding Wind can come in handy when dealing with minion waves and enemy heroes. While blinding wind does a decent amount of damage on its own for being a support character ability, why not make it hurt more? With Surging Winds, Li Li's gains 5% ability power for 8 seconds per enemy target hit. This buff can be reset upon additional enemy hits and can stack up to 4 times. This is major when wanting to hit just a bit harder especially when used in team fights and minion waves. You may be a healer but you can punch like one hell of a panda!

Level 16 Top

Two for One

So, who likes a good ole' BoGo sale? I know I do! With this ability it is hard not to pass up! Being a serious (Q) Healing Brew masher this comes in handy when needing to give even more of that good stuff! When taking Two for One Li Li may now heal two low health ally targets (which can include you if you are low enough) but with an increased cooldown. But hey? Can you really complain! The trade off is really not bad considering Li Li's cooldown is already ridiculously low!

Level 20 Top

Kung Fu Hustle

Let me start by saying that I believe no matter what build you do for Li Li whether this panda bear basics guide or serpent build or even water dragon build this is a MUST TAKE as your level 20 ability. This is probably the most broken (according to fellow HotS players and myself) ability that Li Li possesses. Kung Fu Hustle allows Li Li's abilities (including heroic) to recharge 1 1/2 times as fast when Fast Feet is active. So this means every time Li Li takes damage which she probably will in a team fight, she can use her abilities even more often, which helps not only sustain you but also your allies.

Conclusion: Are you ready for an adventure? Top

First off, I hope this guide provided some insight to your Li Li needs as well as given you the foundation to start your newest adventure. Keep in mind this the most basic of builds for Li Li and she can be played in several different ways, but that's the beauty of HotS. Li Li as stated before is an extremely easy character to get the hang of and highly suggest her as a first time hero for anyone new to Moba or even support. Li Li is extremely forgiving and quite adorable! So don't forget to mash that Q! Happy Healing!

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